Community Unity
A secular public forum

Community Event outside Mr. Mikey's Country Store

The Station One Fire Truck will help out with this event. The fire truck is altered with seat-buckle bench seats on top for people of all ages enjoy a ride around Niles. If you prefer you can ride up front or in one of the two rear-facing outside seats behind the driver.

The owner of the truck is a retired Fire Fighter. He will also discuss fire safety and has a "stop, drop, and roll" mat to assist in his presentation.

He will also bring along real fire hats, coats, boots etc for everyone to try on. (so bring your camera) Everyone will get a chance to climb aboard and go behind the wheel.

The event will take place at the corner of F Street and Niles Blvd (Mr. Mikey's Country Store) It will be held from 6:30pm-8:30pm.

In order for this event to be a community success, I am asking residents and local merchants to contribute financially in one of two ways. (this is to cover the cost of the rental of the fire truck)

Financial donations- NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL. There are 442 members in the Niles group and 85 members in the Niles Biz group. If everyone only donated $1.00 I would have more than enough to cover the cost.

I am also going to have a yard sale this Saturday from 8-2pm. All the money raised at the yard sale will go towards National Night Out. If you are not able to contribute financially maybe you could drop something off to be sold.

Please drop off all donations to 35888 Niles Blvd. If you have any questions or suggestions please email me directly.

Norma (Niles Blvd)
nrosemond@sbcglobal .net
510 386 1460

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