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DRC PLaced on Indefinite Hold by MTC Commissioners - Funding Shifted to Other Projects
During a May 28, 2014 meeting the Metropolitan Transportation Commission took a vote on whether to modify Regional Measure 2 as it relates to the Dumbarton Rail Corridor (DRC) funding allocation.
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MTC Schedules April 9 Public Hearing on re-directing Dumbarton Rail Corridor Regional Measure 2 Funding.
The Bay area Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) has scheduled a public hearing before the Programming and Allocations Committee to discuss redirecting the funds allocated to the Dumbarton Rail Corridor (DRC) from the DRC to other transportation projects. This proposal seems to signal that any substantive political support for the DRC has evaporated and it is time to stop spending money on the project. It has only taken since 2005 for the message to sink in that the DRC is not a wise expenditure of taxpayer money.
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Dumbarton Rail Corridor (DRC) Project Placed on Hold – EIR/EIS in Abeyance
In a memo to the DRC Policy Advisory Committee dated October 25, 2013 the project staff stated that the DRC Environmental Impact Report (EIR/EIS) was being placed on hold due to a substantial shortfall in the project budget. That translates into what has been the situation for the entire life of the project- there is not enough money to build it. If the DRC were a worthy transit project and had the ridership and usefulness that warranted sufficient funding, the EIR/EIS would have been published by now.
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Is the Dumbarton Rail Corridor Project Off track and headed for Derailment? July 2013
While the Dumbarton Rail Corridor Project remains alive in the Alameda County Transportation Commission’s list of major projects there are signs and signals that people are finally coming to grips with reality. Reality being that the DRCP costs too much, doesn’t have the ridership, isn’t needed, and is generally a boondoggle perpetrated by some folks who have always wanted a life size train set.
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