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DRC PLaced on Indefinite Hold by MTC Commissioners - Funding Shifted to Other Projects

During a May 28, 2014 meeting the Metropolitan Transportation Commission took a vote on whether to modify Regional Measure 2 as it relates to the Dumbarton Rail Corridor (DRC) funding allocation.


The MTC staff had recommended that the current funding allocations for DRC be re-directed to other projects (Dumbarton Express bus service & Caltrain electrification) as well as forgiving a $91M loan made to the BART to Warm Springs project in 2009.


On May 14 the Program and Allocations Committee of the MTC held another meeting to discuss the matter and public testimony was received in favor of the Staff modifications as well as in opposition to it. Representatives from Alameda County Transportation Commission, the City of Fremont and Tim Pitsker , a member of the DRC Citizen’s Advisory Panel representing Fremont testified in favor of the MTC staff proposal. Despite some opposing views there was no new information presented supporting continued DRC funding.


At the 28 May MTC (Commission) meeting there was one speaker opposing the removal of DRC funding however the staff responses to the issues raised were on target and persuasive. The MTC voted unanimously to approve the staff recommendations. DRC is considered to be on indefinite hold and that sounds as close to dead as the MTC is likely to state. There was not a glimmer of support from the MTC commissioners for continued funding or other support of the DRC.


One excerpt from the large agenda package from the May 28th MTC meeting is posted that summarizes the DRC matter.

 See Excerpt Fm MTC Agenda 28 May 14 Defunding the DRC

Best regards

Mike Dubinsky


PS – Don’t forget that we still have the Capital Corridor and ACE Train organizations creating rail initiatives which will impact our community. They may be less visible than DRC but we should remain vigilant.

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