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Community Support Needed for Washington High School

We are now ready to install LCD projectors on the Washington school site, in every classroom. This is a large task and we need your support.
We are looking for volunteers who can assist the technology group to install the LCD mounts. Experience is not necessary. If possible, we would like to have student and parent teams install the mounts. This project qualifies for Community Service hours. We do need adults working with the students due to liability issues. This will be a great opportunity for students and parents to bond while providing a much needed upgrade to the school. The school is now fully networked and each classroom will have the ability to present multi-media content once this project is completed. Many of the new approved text books come with an electronic component that needs to be incorporated into the classroom. With budget cuts, etc. there is no way that we will get this equipment installed without community support.
I am including information from Mark Clevenger, who is on our technology committee and Ron Urlich, a retired Washington teacher who gives much of his free time installing cables and hooking up new equipment on site and designed the prototype mount.
You can contact Mark Clevenger at and leave your contact information so he can get back to you, or you can contact me (Michael Salvaggio) at 510-791-0115 and I will make sure that someone gets back to you.
Depending on the response we can have this project completed this year. The teachers are very anxious to have access to the LCD projectors in their classrooms.

From Mark Clevenger:

About 10 years ago Washington High School entered the Digital Age when a group of parent volunteers helped install a network, bringing the internet first to the Business Classroom and then finally to the rest of the school. We again are asking for parents to help us with a new school wide project, installing LCD projectors in the classrooms. The only real requirement is that you are willing to work. Electrical wiring experience is helpful, but not necessary. Some of the tools that would be helpful to bring would be, 10 foot ladders, cordless drills with screw bits, wire cutters and strippers and tiny flat head screwdrivers.


From retired Washington teacher Ron Ulrich:

I have a tentative short term calendar that should get us a good start. I plan on doing the Fremont building first and will do one additional classroom, a week from Sunday, to be sure I have all the steps in sequence.

Let's try for the following dates: Saturday 28 Feb, Sunday may be another option depending on how things go on Sat. Other dates are March 7, 28, and 29.

As I mentioned at the SSC meeting I feel a parent with a student works well as I will not have time to supervise the students and since it is a school project, it is nice to see parents involved as well. Start time around 8 or 9, I will be there early for sure.


(Information from Michael Salvaggio, Washington High School, School Site Council Chair. Note from Hiu Ng: Next work date is currently planned for March 28th.)

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