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Capitol Corridor Final FY 11-13 Business Plan Includes Fremont Track Upgrades & DRC
The CC final FY 11-13 Business Plan dated March 2011 includes several key elements which will impact Fremont/Niles. IN addition the CC continues to speak to its links with the mouribund Dumbarton Rail Corridor Project. The Business Plan can be found at : 
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Capitol Corridor Draft Program Environmental Assessment Comment- Deadline closed on 29 Oct
The Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority has prepared a draft Program Environmental Assessment that is meant to support their submission to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) for funding to pursue 11 rail projects in Northern California.  Among the 11 projects are 4 which impact Fremont and are designed to support increasing the number of commuter trains between Oakland and San Jose. Some of the proposed project work is a repeat of the 2005 Union City Intermodal Station project and was supposed to be integrally linked to the Dumbarton Rail Corridor Project. That project, which has not yet progressed beyond discussion, is being followed on a separate page on this website.
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Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Board votes to seek funding for Oakland to San Jose Upgrade
At a February 17, 2010 meeting of the CCJPB the organization voted to seek Federal funding for a capitol improvements plan which includes upgrading trackage from Oakland to San Jose which would support an increase in daily commuter trains from 14 to 22.  The funding plan includes local, state (primarily CA HSR Connectivity bond funds), and federal FY2010 High Speed/Intercity Passenger Rail (HSIPR) funds. The Segment G portion of the Dumbarton Rail Project for the Union City Intermodal Station and Oakland Subdivision railroad improvements are one of the projects.
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Capitol Corridor Update From 18 Dec 2009
An update on the status of the Capitol Corridor's  initiative to obtain right of way for the trackage which runs parallel to the BART from Union City to Niles (the Oakland Subdivision) was given  during a Dumbarton Rail Policy Advisory Committee Meeting to be held on Friday 18 December 2009.
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Capital Corridor Project - Oakland to San Jose Will Be Pursued Independent of Dumbarton Rail
At a 25 September 2009 Meeting of the Dumbarton Rail Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) The Chair of the PAC (Mayor Geen of Union City) asked for an update on the status of the Capital Corridor (CC) Project.  The representative from the CC indicated that he was not prepared to provide a report on the status of the CC from Oakland to San Jose.  He indicated that negotiations with the Union Pacific concerning necessary right of way (ROW) had not been scheduled pending additional guidance from the PAC. The PAC asked the CC representative to attend the next PAC meeting in December 2009 and be prepared to make a report.