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We need to rethink this Purple Lotus thing (2 replies)
Nobody likes open space as much as I do.  Really, nobody.  That being said, we need to rethink this Purple Lotus thing before we go crazy over it.  Remember, every single house in Niles (and everywhere else, for that matter) was built on formerly "wide open space" and probably spoiled someone's view.  There were probably choruses of lamentations about each and every one of these developments that have covered Niles over the last 100 years. Unlike some of you, I have not done my homework, and do not know exactly what the purple lotus land is zoned for.  Seems like if the city had wanted to annex it and make it part of Quarry Lakes they would have. 
Let's just say we raise a big fuss and win, and the Purple Lotus has to go somewhere else.  What will go in instead?  A Walgreen's?  100 zero-lot-line houses with the obligatory 2 shrublets per lot?   Personally, I'll take the temple.  In my experience, although the architecture may not be "traditional" California, usually the  Buddhist temples are quite attractive in their own way and include a significant nod to landscaping.  I, too, would love things to remain the way they are.  However, that's not how life goes. 
Vickie on 2nd
Posted – 09/05/05 10:39am by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 09/05/05 10:41am

Well put!
Progress is unavoidable and we all should choose our battles wisely. As someone who lives 100 yards down Niles Boulevard from the Thai Buddhist Temple, I can say that they are wonderful neighbors, save for very sporadic parking problems when they hold an unusually large event. No problems at all with loud music, squirrelly drivers coming and going, etc. They are nice, quiet, gentle, and respectful people at a time when urban living in general has been on a long downhill slide, as far as way too many people not caring a whit about how what they do impacts others.

I also agree that the Purple Lotus Temple undoubtedly will be beautiful both in architecture and landscaping (as a result of the feng-shui that has been mentioned here). It also will be meticulously maintained for the same reasons. It has the added advantage of there being people residing there full-time. That always serves to cut down on crime and vandalism in an area.

Eventually, the two large undeveloped parcels on either side of
Isherwood, near Osprey, will also come under development. They used to
have beautiful crops of flowers growing in rotation, but that stopped
some years ago (sadly). I can only hope that something as benign as
the Purple Lotus Temple would end up in those areas, rather than a
replacement for the present poorly maintained 7-11 strip mall at Rock
Avenue, etc., etc., etc.

Del at The Trees
Posted – 09/05/05 10:40am by Lynn R Slater

We need to rethink this Purple Lotus thing

I agree with what your saying about the buddist temple at Rock and Niles Blvd. They are good neighbors. My biggest problem is with open space, like so many others have brought up. My problem isn't with who builds on the site, my problem is with building in general. The high price of real estate in Fremont has set my possibilities of living next to "open space" within the city limits for years to come to "0". Gone are the orchards and fields of my youth. I've lived at the foot of these hills my entire life. (45 yrs) I'm feeling very crowded these days.


Posted – 09/05/05 10:41am by Lynn R Slater

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