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Tagging and Defacing

Graffiti on the Alameda Creek Trail (1 replies)

To my utter disgust there was also a lot of graffiti on the Alameda Creek Trail between I St. and

J St.
at the end of last week.  I called the graffiti hotline, but am not sure they can remove it because most of the tagging was done on trees and tree stumps.  Any ideas on how that can be taken off?


Riverside Ave.

Posted – 10/29/05 10:23am by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 10/29/05 10:24am

My first instinct was spray paint over the graffiti the same color as the tree or stumps so it blends in with the tree color.
;)  But I have no idea if that hurts the trees, or if the graffiti
was carved, or what.  Or, I guess, depending on the graffiti, post
signs with the police phone number, or other park rules signs over
the graffiti so people can graffiti the signs instead of the trees.

Also, the 7-11 on Rock/Niles, had gang tags on their front wall,
large and very noticable in black spray paint, next to the payphones.
Haven't checked to see if it's been cleaned up.  It appeared about a
week or so ago.

Posted – 10/29/05 10:24am by Lynn R Slater

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