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Is there a need for the Increased Capitol Corridor Service?
One aspect of the proposed increase in Rail service from Oakland to San Jose that raises a question is the BART extension of service into Santa Clara and ultimately to San Jose.   If as is planned, the Capitol Corridor will eventually stop at the Union City Intermodal Station, why wouldn't passengers just transfor the BART there for the trip to San Jose and any connections, e.g.high speed rail, that are planned there?   More…
Posted - 11/09/09 2:01pm by Mike Dubinsky, updated or replied 11/09/09 2:05pm
Impacts on the Niles Neighborhoods
The impacts on Niles include increased train traffic, significant change in the alignment of train traffic, noise, vibration, air pollution, traffic impacts at at-grade crossings to name a few.  For example according to the Project Study Report the number of trains that use the Oakland Subdivision trackage which runs behind the Hacienda Gardens and Rancho Arroyo neighborhoods would increase from approx 6 to 250 trains / week. These would all be pasenger trains. For the Niles Subdivision trackage which runs close to Mission Blvd. and across Nursary Ave. the number of trains would decrease from 92 to 61 trains / week however they would all be freight.  While not specifically in Niles the number of trains using the Centerville trackage through central Fremont would increase from 118 to 257 trains / week.
Posted - 02/08/08 11:38am by Mike Dubinsky, updated or replied 10/30/09 2:26pm
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