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Lets go to the meeting
Many of us should go to the meeting, even if we do not have the invite. I doubt that they would be as politically unwise as to turn away people from the neighborhood. That said, we should attend with an open mind.  Something will happen to that land, legal mandates may insist that some of it be "affordable", and it may be that this proposal is the best there will be. Maybe not, but lets find out.   More…
Posted - 08/17/05 11:34pm by Lynn R Slater
15% is "affordable"
A recent email suggested that this was an affordable housing project. A percentage will be "affordable" I think it is 15%, but the rest will be far from what most of us consider affordable. I want to be sure to dispel any past rumors that this will be subsidized housing, it will not be. (Let me say that I would be happy if it was "affordable" housing built by a non-profit developer..they have built some of the most attractive stuff in our city and I'm sure some of our kids would welcome it.)   More…
Posted - 08/17/05 11:28pm by Lynn R Slater
Re: Rock Avenue notification/parking issues
I got that postcard here at The Trees (Niles Boulevard at Rancho   More…
Posted - 08/17/05 11:25pm by Lynn R Slater
Parking included in the development See reply
There is a drawing of the proposed development on the back of the card.  It appears to be 40 "units" (looks like townhouses), with only 20 parking spots!!!!!  It should be the other way around.  We already have a parking crunch around here! -- cathydb94536
Posted - 08/17/05 11:23pm by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 08/17/05 11:29pm
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