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02-25-09 Fremont School Board Meeting Report
On 2-19-09, the California Legislature finally passed a budget. On 2-25-09, our School Board held a regular meeting but the dominating agenda was clearly budget cuts within Fremont Unified School District.   More…
Posted - 03/03/09 10:50pm by Hiu Ng
2/11/09 Fremont School Board Prioritized Cuts
Currently, FUSD has provided a prioritized list of 14 items to our School Board for consideration at the 02/11/09 Board meeting. Below is a summary. You can get the official information to the School Board by downloading the 2/11/09 Board Packet from the district web site.   More…
Posted - 02/09/09 1:35pm by Hiu Ng
Proposed FUSD Budget Cuts as of 1/28/09
Responding to the state budget cuts, FUSD is currently proposing 18 cuts in 3 categories. These are provided below with the estimated financial impacts, some basic facts and personal observations. The estimated financial numbers assume full elimination or implementation.   More…
Posted - 02/07/09 1:43am by Hiu Ng
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