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Buildings and Developments

Munoz Building
What has it been, who owned it, sho used it, what will it become?
Posted – 08/27/05 5:15pm by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 08/27/05 5:15pm
The Creek
Why were early houses on stilts, when did the corp of enginners fix the creek, what was the impact of the creek before it was improved, what is it with the dams -- both earthen and inflatable.
Posted – 08/27/05 5:17pm by Lynn R Slater
How did the ponds come to be (including Quarry Lakes)?  When were they stocked and when did this halt?
Posted – 08/27/05 5:19pm by Lynn R Slater
Veterans Memorial Building
A great history may be found at
Posted – 09/07/05 1:19pm by Lynn R Slater