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Niles Grove runs business unfairly
This story is based on my personal experience with Niles Grove. I live about a block up from the homes and due to the current ecconomy and my husband's lay off i decided to apply for a job with the homes.  At that point i talked with Kim (one of the home supervisors) in person and was assured that there is a possition open and i will be hired as soon as i compleeted a Life Scan, Physical, Employment Application, and an Adult First Aid and CPR class. However if i wanted this job i had to paly for all of the fees involved with the class sertifications, life scan, etc. I had never heard this before. I specificaly asked Kim to gerantee me the job prior to my investement into this ordeal. Kim assured me that there is a position available and waiting for me due to a recent move of a client and a few other resons. I compleeted Everything they asked me within a week. Thereafter I was never contacted by Kim again and when i finally went to the home for the fifth time i was told that i did not have enough experience for the possition. At this point i had invested over $200 in fees and about three days of my time. I have tried to get in contact with Kim but i am not having any luck. This just seems unfair. They should have interviewed me or reviewed my application before asking me to get certified and finger printed, etc.