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For details on the National Night Out (  It's about community organizing together, meeting each other if your community has events going on, or participating by turning your porch light on.  In, a nut shell, to stand up against crime, and reunite communities, and to be educated about safety by organized events.
Thankfully, Niles, being the open heart that she is... has several events going on to participate in.
Niles Main St. Assoc. has their event, the Niles Merchants Assoc. has their event, and other Niles residents pulled together for a community event.  Imagine, in the long run, how huge it could be, if they all pulled together, taking in merchants, residents, etc. 
Hrm, that would require teamwork on behalf of the Merchant's Assoc., the Main St. Assoc., and the community... .  Wait, I do not recall ANY collaboration between the Merchant's Assoc, the Main St. Assoc, ever, let alone asking the community and seeking input from neighbors - for a National Night Out in one grand place!  Hence, the community came up with their own fun event, at F St. and Niles Blvd.
 Perhaps next year, we can have one huge collaborative event extravaganza, with no entity having any benefit, other than to have fun and learn safety, and be TRUE to the National Night Out? 
With no one seeking kudos for their name/organization, in pulling off what they consider a National Night Out, knowing the other organization in Niles is trying to pull off their National Night out.
Maybe next year it can be the Niles Main St. Assoc., the Niles Merchant's Assoc., AND THE COMMUNITY, to collaborate for one huge night out?  Versus options given by the politics of the two Niles official organizations (Main St. and Merchant's)?  With a community event seperate to cater to kids and the community, that neither of the official organizations meet the interests of?  I've lived here all my life, 34 years, this is the first National Night Out I want to attend, because of what is going on with community, in building up to events, via community, organized through someone - Norma - on Niles Blvd.  NOT because of some organization playing off the other, and who serves hot dogs and the other ice cream, but because, Norma has really epitomized the spirit of National Night Out, through community.
Neither the Main Street, nor the Merchant Assoc. asked me for input for our NILES events, nor solicited neighbors who were willing to give more to make it bigger.  Some residents took it upon themselves to make it happen, to add extra, out of pocket.  Why can't we all just get along and collaborate?  Why hasn't the Main St. Assoc., and the Merchant's Assoc., collaborated for a National Night Out, WITH THE COMMUNITY!?  One would assume them doing so, would be the epitomy, of neighborhood... Niles.
MAJOR KUDOS TO NORMA!!!!!  The community of neighbors who are lending great fun on Niles Blvd., and all proceeds go towards fun.
And, donating or shopping at As true neighbors in our community, void of political or otherwise, not associated with any Niles "politics" or "organizations" ... to just be a neighborhood and ban together, and to reach out to the community to seek input, meet each other, without bragging of freebies for ice cream, whatever.    And, to actually provide saety issues in education for tots or adults, as National Night Out was meant to be.
Riviera Dr.
Posted – 07/21/06 8:34am by Lynn R Slater

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