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Parking included in the development (1 replies)
There is a drawing of the proposed development on the back of the card.  It appears to be 40 "units" (looks like townhouses), with only 20 parking spots!!!!!  It should be the other way around.  We already have a parking crunch around here! 
Posted – 08/17/05 11:23pm by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 08/17/05 11:29pm

Re: Rock Avenue notification/parking issues
I got that postcard here at The Trees (Niles Boulevard at Rancho
Arroyo Parkway). It was my understanding that the primary parking will
be directly under each living unit. So, the twenty illustrated spaces
would be in excess of the per-unit parking allocation. Presumably,
they will be called "guest parking."

Based on the number of people in our complex who never even attempt to
use their garage for parking (it's reserved for more important uses
like storing boxes full of worthless crap and vehicles that haven't
run in months/years), merely providing dedicated parking is no
guarantee that unethical/amoral residents will actually use it for

Also, many of the currently popular extremely large vehicles won't fit
into a standard height garage, unless you cut their entire roof
structure off. Now that big vehicles are so expensive to fuel and with
no gas price relief on the horizon, they eventually will be selling
for very low prices... ending up in the hands of the low income people
for whom these housing units are targeted.

If the twenty illustrated spaces on the site map are for guest use,
they will be quickly co-opted by residents who are too lazy to walk to
and from the street... or who have five vehicles at one two-bedroom
unit... or who will complain that there is inadequate "safe" on-street
parking available. I used to be on the Board of Directors here and the
excuses that you hear from these morally/ethically challenged people
are unbelievably self centered.

It's not a pretty picture no matter how you cut it. We have residents
in our complex who routinely are fined $50 for each violation of guest
parking and it doesn't faze them, either morally, ethically, or
financially. I guess that the theory is that the rules are made for
anyone who's stupid enough to obey them.

Del at The Trees

Posted – 08/17/05 11:25pm by Lynn R Slater

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