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Vandalism at Third St Park, dangerious white SUV (3 replies)
Some of you may have noticed the recent vandalism at the Niles Third St Park.  Some idiot decided to do some donuts in the grassy lawn area, destroying much of the nice lawn.

If you have any information about this crime, please
call the Fremont police at 510-790-6800.

This may have been done by an out-of-towner, but
please ask your neighbors and children if they have
any information about this.  It's likely anyone dumb
enough to pull this stunt would be dumb enough to "brag"
about it.

If you see or hear anything suspicious at the park,
call Fremont police at 510-790-6800.  Put the number
in your cell phone and call if you're out in the park.

We should be vigilant so our city funds are not wasted
on crimes like this.


David on I St
Posted – 10/29/05 10:19am by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 10/29/05 10:30am

Vandalism at Third St Park

While walking past the Veteran's Hall, I saw a large, white, older SUV / truck coming rapidly around the bend from School Street to D
Street.  The truck went round the corner fast enough for the tires to screech, and bounced at least a foot when it went over the dip.  I
was staring open-mouthed, and the driver apparently had an issue with my attention, because he stared back at me defiantly. 

Anyway, the defiant stare gave me the opportunity to get a good look at the driver, and he closely resembled Frodo the Hobbit (an Elijah Wood lookalike with very large blue eyes and untidy dark hair). Is Frodo the doughnut-carver?  Who knows; but if a parent out there has a teenager who looks like Frodo, and has a vehicle matching this
description, you might consider taking away his keys for a week or so(and having a chat with him about the dangers of rollovers).

Posted – 10/29/05 10:28am by Lynn R Slater

Older white pickup
Don't know if it is the same vehicle, but last friday night as I was driving up Niles Blvd, there was an older white pickup parked along the curb just north of the old meat plant.  The driver burned rubber pulling out and drove rather irratically north and then pulled over up by the church.  After I and another car passed, the driver pulled back out again and sat on my tail until almost up to Linda.  I couldn't see the driver as he/she was wearing what appeared to be a grey sweat shirt with the hood pulled up.
also on Niles blvd.
Posted – 10/29/05 10:29am by Lynn R Slater

Vandalism at Third St Park, dangerious white SUV
There is a white SUV (nice vehicle, large) that can easily sit six or
so passengers that frequent the Rock/7-11.  White male driver, and
most of the passengers are also white with lighter brown or blonde
hair and light eyes, clean cut looking for the most part.  They
rampage through Rancho Aroyo, turn onto Riviera, speed by (sometimes
stop with females and drama), and go on.

I've encountered them several weekends.  I've also seen the teen
driver's SUV parked in the driveway where he lives, on a corner lot.

They are "innocent" in that they are not gang related, and just kids
out to party.  But, it's a local Niles kid, with access to a large
white SUV-like auto that houses several male passengers. 

Kim..., all... DO NOT SHUT YOUR LIGHTS OFF.  The best defense
against crime, is having your lights up and on, as if someone is up,
and all your porch lights, as well.  If you hear something
suspicious, turn on all lights, that scares them away.  No criminal
wants to be seen in the light.  ;)  Turn on every light in your
house, every outside light, and call the Fremont Police if you are
suspicious... 796-6800, non-emergency number.  Or, 911, if emergency.

Posted – 10/29/05 10:30am by Lynn R Slater

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