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Teenagers firing pellet gun by 7-1, Sunday evening 2/12 (4 replies)

Anyone see or hear anything regarding a group of
teenagers who were shooting pellets around the 7/11 at
the corner of Niles Blvd. and Mission Blvd. on Sunday
(2/12) night around 7pm or so? 

They were aiming at a
bum/homeless person and others, and hit my son's arm
as he was getting out of the car to go into 7/11.  Do
you all know what your teenagers are up to?  My
husband said it was drive-by style shooting, although
not with a "real" weapon.  My heart sinks when I hear
this type of thing happening in our town.
We would have reported it to the police, but did not
have any details.

Posted – 04/15/06 9:41am by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 04/15/06 9:42am

I do not know anything about this, but I live right near that 7-11.  I strongly encourage you or anyone who experiences activity like this to report it to the police.  It does not matter if you do not have a ton of information.  Let the police have the information you know, and let them piece it together.  It is important to report EVERY crime to the police.  That way they can better track what is going on in our neighborhoods, and take action to fight further or future crimes.  Reports such as this is what determines where the patrol cars go.

I hope your son is OK.


Elizabeth  on Essanay

Posted – 04/15/06 9:42am by Lynn R Slater

Report it!!! What if they hit your son in the eye or in the temple... would you have reported it then???? Sorry I have 4 boys and we buy donuts in that little Plaze at least 3 times a week....  Hope you son is okay.....
Niles Blvd
Posted – 04/15/06 9:42am by Lynn R Slater

My son too was hit by a pellet or bb gun on 2/15. We were walking
from Niles school to Mr. Mikey's by way of F street. As a dark SUV
drove by my son yelled out he was hit by something. He was struck
inside the ear just a 1/4 inch from hitting his eardrum.

He's okay but came dangerously close to losing his hearing or
possibly an eye. We don't know if the dark SUV was involved but the
timing suggests it was.

Please be on the lookout for kids brandishing guns of any type or
bragging to their friends about the shots they've taken at our son,
the family at the 7-11 and possibly other unreported crimes.

While attempting to log this incident on the Fremont Police website
we contacted the Police department and they thought it serious
enough to warrant dispatching an officer at 10:30pm on 2/16 to our
home to report the crime.

If you have any information relating to this crime, the earlier
incident at 7-11 or some supscious behavior in the area involving
guns, then please report it to the Fremont Police or specifically
Officer Luevano who just took our statement.

Be safe out there.

Posted – 04/15/06 9:42am by Lynn R Slater

 A few weeks ago on a Friday or Saturday night there was some guy in
7-11 bleeding, using the phone in 7-11 to call one of his friends
because he had been stabbed and he was talking about how he was going
to get them back, kick over all their bikes, etc.

It was obvious he was talking to a friend about what had happened and
his plot of revenge, he was almost bragging that he had been stabbed,
cursing and such.  The young man working at 7-11 was saying to him,
"I thought you were using the phone for calling the police?!"  The
stabbed guy told him something to the effect of, "I am!"  He was on
foot, left on foot, so it happened nearby.  By the time I booked it
out of there, swarms of police cars had arrived on scene and cornered
him on Mission heading North, and other cop cars cornered friends of
his in the 7-11 parking lot (KUDOS Fremont P.D. for immediate
response time!).  And, it wasn't even late in the evening!

I've also noticed new gang tagging at the closed 7-11 and around

I've brought it up on this list before, that I've seen kids
dealing/buying drugs at the parks and at the Tiny Tots on School St.
parking lot, and I've witnessed bad activity, shoulder tapping by
local kids on foot at 7-11, etc. and the teens drive or walk home to
locations in Niles.  So, yes, that is a good question... do you know
what your teens or kids are doing?

I don't mean to broken into and stolen over the years, it was Oakland
or San Leandro residents who did it, etc.  When my brother's minor
car sterimply it's only local kids.  It's not.  A neighbor who had
always housed a very expensive car in his garage was approached by
two people recently who wanted to take photos of it.  He allowed them
to, because the guys were "nice".  Another neighbor reported their
suspicious car on the street with two men wearing gloves, turns out
the car they were in was stolen, the same guys who took pictures of
the vehicle in the garage.  So it's only obvious they were taking
pictures of the prize vehicle to steal it.

Heck, when my hot rods were stolen and minor car parts were stolen,
it was local and other bay area residents.

Food for thought.  We really need to be on alert.  And, even if you
don't have all the information, if your gut tells you something is
wrong, you need to call the police.

Everyone should also be in touch with their immediate neighbors.
Know your neighbors.  And, program the Fremont Police Dept. number
into your home phone and cell phone:  non-emergency (non-emergency
car accidents, concerns, etc.) is 796-6800 press 3 on your phone pad
for the option to report something.  The dispatchers are very quick,
and can work as fast as calling 911 if a local incident.  Otherwise
911 for emergency. 

Please also remember that every slight detail counts... color of a
car, race of a person, time/date, partial license plate, what you
observed, whether you heard female or male voices, location, etc.

Posted – 04/15/06 9:42am by Lynn R Slater

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