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Large Orange Cat Died (5 replies)
The cat has died from its injuries (head trauma from being hit by a car;
location: near Niles Blvd between D and E Streets). The cat was a 17
lb., neutered male - no collar or chip.

The body can be claimed at Ohlone Veterinary Emergency Clinic, 1618
Washington Blvd., 510-657-6620.

D Street
Posted – 01/15/07 10:53pm by Lynn Slater, updated or replied 01/15/07 10:55pm

Even though some may think “it was just a cat” let’s all remember to be careful driving in Niles and remember that all life is to be valued.  Niles Boulevard seems to have become a speedway for some of those on their way to Mission who drive according to what I call the “F-You” Philosophy.  I.e., “Hey, the speed limit is 25?”  Well, F-You, I will drive what I want.  “Hey, there’s a stop sign there? Eh, F-You, I’m not going to bother stopping.”  It seems there are a lot of adherents to that school of thought these days.

RIP, Kitty.  You are in a better place.

Genie Hawkins,

Barnes Lane

Posted – 01/15/07 10:54pm by Lynn Slater

 Yes, to some it was "just a cat." But to those who raised and cared
for it, it surely is another story!

Those of us who walk/drive the stretch of Niles Boulevard between
Nursery Avenue and Mr. Mikey's routinely see vehicles going twice the
speed limit. It's also becoming common to see these same inconsiderate
speed freaks pulling out and passing other vehicles that are obeying
the speed limit along that stretch.

I know that the residents in Kimberly's neighborhood complain to the
P.D. about it and we get the mobile radar unit and the cycle cops out
there regularly, but the problem persists. So, I'd like to make the
following suggestion: If we who live Niles would begin meticulously
obeying the speed limits here, it would force the traffic behind us to
do so as well. I've read in the Mr. Roadshow column of the San Jose
Mercury News of neighborhoods in San Jose that do this as a group
effort with great success!

I'm not talking about going 15 mph in a 25 mph zone to be vindictive,
but of not exceeding the 25 mph legal speed limit. I've been doing
this for some time now and with the exception of those young punks in
muscle cars who pull out and pass me with their throttle to the floor,
it's made at least as much of a difference as one person can make.

Ignore their horns and flipped fingers and do your own small part to
restore sanity to the way people drive through our town. Maybe someone
else's beloved pet or child won't have to die under the wheels of a
speeding vehicle that's being operated with total disregard for the
surrounding residences.

As I've learned from graffiti cleanup and this driving pattern I've
set up, one person CAN make a difference. I encourage others to join
me in reclaiming the streets of Niles from the throttle jockeys.

Del on Niles Boulevard
Posted – 01/15/07 10:54pm by Lynn Slater

I like the ideas for calming traffic along Niles Blvd, but I wanted to
point out that it's also quite possible to kill a cat that streaks in
front your car when you're going only 25 mph. I imagine that those who
keep outdoor cats have considered the risks to the animal, including:

* Injury or death by vehicles
* Problems with neighbors: cats littering their yards
* Injury or death by fighting with other cats
* Infectious diseases contracted from other cats: FIP,FIV,FeLV,URIs
* Injury or death by dogs or predators
* Killing of wildlife by outdoor cats
* Getting lost, picked up by A/C
* Poisoned intentionally or accidentally
* Parasites: fleas, ticks, ringworm

D Street
Posted – 01/15/07 10:55pm by Lynn Slater

All that is absolutely true and unfortunately many people are still willing to take the chance in the name of "freedom." Perhaps slowing traffic down will help minimize the avoidable injuries and deaths.
Posted – 01/15/07 10:55pm by Lynn Slater

Well said!  When people are driving too fast on Niles Blvd, it makes it difficult to merge into traffic, in either direction, before school starts and after school lets out, when the number of cars quadruples.  Everyone wants to get to work or back home, but not at the price of running over an animal or pedestrian.

Non-sequiter alert...Del, do you have a suggestion for getting graffiti off of a plastic recycling bin.  We've been tagged.  The scrawl is illegible to me, and it doesn't take over the entire lid.  But I figured I'd ask.

Anyway, thanks for doing your part to keep Niles graffiti-free and driving at a responsible pace.  It does irk people when I slow down from 35 to 25 after the light at Nursery.  It slows them down until I make a turn off the Blvd, at least!

Serena on Snyder
Posted – 01/15/07 10:55pm by Lynn Slater

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