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The Morning Race Track on Niles Boulevard (5 replies)
Does anyone else on the group commute out of Niles between about 7:00- 7:30 a.m.? Have you noticed the speeds that the southbound vehicles travel through our 25 mph residential neighborhood at that hour? Or how aggressive the drivers are when you're obstructing their ability to go 60 mph through town? Or how they tailgate you relentlessly and aggressively, six feet behind your rear bumper? Or how they pull out and pass you over a double-yellow line?

This morning, I was particularly enraged! I actually witnessed an
import pickup truck pull out to pass another small car and the two of
them then *raced* at high speed all the way down to past Mr. Mikey's.
I would estimate their speed at 70 mph or more. This *absolute
craziness* is a disaster looking for a place to happen, with this
passing phenomenon becoming more and more common through that
residential neighborhood.

The problem seems to run all the way from the BART bridge to the
intersection of Niles Boulevard and Mission Boulevard. And my
observation is that it's primarily traffic coming out of Union City
that's using Niles Boulevard to bypass the heavier traffic on
southbound Mission Boulevard (no matter how incredibly potholed Niles
Boulevard has become in the past couple of years, I guess they still
figure it's a faster route).

If you're as fed up with this incredibly dangerous and irresponsible
driving as I am, please don't post a reply message here! Either email
me directly at Or, better yet, can you take a
few minutes are call the P.D. at 790-6800, ask for the traffic-unit
officer, and request that the P.D. at least put that speed radar unit
out on Niles Boulevard during the 7:00-9:00 a.m. commute drive on a
few mornings? It won't solve the problem, but if it slows down enough
of the vehicles, the others who don't give a rip about speed limits
will be forced to slow down as well.

Del on Niles Boulevard

P.S. They had a motorcycle officer near downtown Niles on Saturday
afternoon and he told me that he had issued *41* citations in
something like three hours. And on a busy Saturday afternoon with
lots of pedestrians about! If that doesn't put the scale of the
problem in perspective, I don't know what does.
Posted – 05/05/07 11:31am by Lynn Slater, updated or replied 07/12/07 7:10pm

What about setting up a tag team with our cars driving 25 miles an hour, the speed limit, with Signs in our back windows advertising the speed limit.  We could take turns driving, every 2-3 minutes or so, down the street and as we are obeying the speed limits this forces the others to slow down.  As a neighborhood we could start enforcing it ourselves this way and maybe with an article in the paper saying what we are doing and after a couple weeks we could start to see a difference.  Just a thought since nothing else is working.    I would be willing to help drive the speed limit and slow others down....which I already do when driving downtown.
~Dawn Sommers
Canyon Heights Dr
Posted – 05/05/07 11:31am by Lynn Slater

We could see if someone (the City or a Sponsor) could install occasional plant circles (or half circles) on both sides of the street that help narrow the feel of the street as you look at it from a distance; narrowing the feel of the street may naturally slow down the traffic. (They are doing this all over Palo Alto, especially in neighborhoods.

I suppose to try this out, someone could (with approval from the City,
please) put 4 tall trees (in large enough planters so they don't tip
over), out there a few feet off the curb. (You'd have two and then you'd
drive a littel more (50 feet?) and see two more, one on each side of the

Maybe the nursery would loan them on a trial basis?


Posted – 05/05/07 11:33am by Lynn Slater

Interesting idea!  We'd either get the speed limit to where it should be, and where it is safe, or we'd drive the others out of town.  Either is an appealing idea to me!   Since most of us residents seem to obey the speed limits because we "get it" and how it affects our town, maybe just a sign in our cars saying "Niles Resident/Speed Limit 25" would work since we'd always have it in the window and not just in the mornings.  It's easy to drive 30 or 32 mph before realizing it if we don't look at the speedometer, but for the ones described in the original message who are blatant unsafe, aggressive, in-a-hurry, in-your-face drivers, something must be done, and this sounds like a safe, legal way to do it.  Isn't it enough that a cat was killed on Niles Boulevard a few months ago?
D Stree
Posted – 05/05/07 11:33am by Lynn Slater

I haven't seen that the time makes a whole lot of difference.  I have been practically run over, honked at, passed, etc, etc. at just about every time of the day when trying to turn into my driveway on Niles blvd.  And I hate to say it, but a few of the offenders are locals or visitors as they turn off on side streets.
Posted – 05/05/07 11:34am by Lynn Slater

I also hate to say it but that too has been my experience. Often it's parents hurrying to pick up after school lets out or kids are late in the morning. Perhaps the school can put out a heads up to slow down - might work for a bit.
Posted – 05/05/07 11:34am by Lynn Slater

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