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Potty in Rancho Arroyo Park (1 replies)
Please do not use the Rancho Arroyo Park until it gets cleaned it up.

Someone "did their business" i.e. (#2) inside of the children's slide
(toilet paper and all). Thankfully our 5 year old girl was able to tell
us in time.

There is also more grafitti.

We have called the police non-emergency number and anti-grafitti line to
report it, and Sean is putting up a sign right now.

Thank you,
The Smith Family
Posted – 07/02/07 11:43pm by Lynn Slater, updated or replied 07/02/07 11:44pm

 About 95% of the graffiti you reported in the vicinity of the
playground equipment was cleaned up prior to sunset last night. The
remainder was painted over this morning before 11 a.m.

Most of the graffiti was gang tags and given the large number of gang
tags, it's easy to assume who might be responsible for the #2 in the
slide. I guess the increased surveillance in the 3rd Street Park is
making the gangbangers feel that they can take over the Rancho Arroyo
Park in its place. If the homeowners adjacent to that park, and those
who use the park routinely, don't begin paying attention and doing
something about it, they'll succeed.

It would be a big help if any or all of the several homeowners who
have a direct line-of-sight to the park, and those who frequent the
park to walk pets after dark, would begin reporting suspicious
activities over there.

All that graffiti and the #2 didn't happen within three minutes; it
took some time and presumably involved several people. A timely phone
call saying that vandalism appeared to be taking place might have
drawn a patrol car. (When the F.P.D. knows that gang activity has been
taking place in a given location like that park, they're far more
likely to roll a car to follow up on reports of suspicious groups and

Del on Niles Boulevard
Posted – 07/02/07 11:44pm by Lynn Slater

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