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Shooting near BlockBuster (6 replies)
This morning around 10:45 I was dropping my dogs off at All About Pets
to be groomed and when I left I saw a crowd of people at the liquor
store on the corner next to blockbuster and a man laying on the
ground. Apperently 2 black men robbed the store and shot the man/owner
behind the counter and then took off I saw people pointing in the
direction of America's Tire. From what I understand he was shot in the
arm but not sure...the police were arriving just as I was leaving the
parking lot.

Also about 30 days ago Bank of America was robbed as well not sure if
anyone had heard of that when it happended but we bank there and my
husband was informed by one of the tellers that a black man with a hood
went in and held up one of the other tellers and they put that money
that explodes as soon as you leave the bank and covers your hands in
ink so you can be identified but they still haven't caught him. Not
sure how much he got away with but just thought you might like to know.

Posted – 07/28/07 9:46am by Lynn Slater, updated or replied 07/28/07 9:49am

Similarly, I was shopping at Albertson's in the Mission Valley
Shopping Center last night and noticed that they now have a full-time
guard on the premises. When I asked the checkout clerk why, she told
me that the Albertson's store has been robbed "several times recently."

As I am always telling people: Always be alert and keep your eyes open
to what's going on around you! At all times! Those who don't keep an
open eye are those who die. Sadly, the situation around our area just
continues to decline over time. The Bay Area is becoming another New
York City.

Del on Niles Boulevard
Posted – 07/28/07 9:47am by Lynn Slater

There is always crime, but sometimes it seems quiet and people tend to get remiss.  I always lock my car, carry my purse over my shoulder across my chest, etc.  Some people think I'm paranoid, but I think of it as careful.  I value my life so I'm willing to take precautions.  I pointed out when people were reporting car break-ins, that we need to protect ourselves as best we can.  Why go to the ATM machine after dark if I can plan and go while it's light?  Better yet, use the machine at the grocery store checkstand, etc.  There are bad people out there, and if they can get into good neighborhoods, that is where they will go.  I agree with Del - always be aware of your surroundings and if something seems wrong, report it.  I think we are a long way from New York (literally and figureatively) but why not exercise the same precautions and awareness as if we were in NY.  Criminals try to pick on easy prey, so do your best NOT to be easy prey.  This isn't a guarantee that you'll be safe, but at least you'll be safer.  I don't want to sound preachy, but it's really important and people seem to forget that they need to take precautions, so it's meant to be a reminder and not preaching!
D Street
Posted – 07/28/07 9:47am by Lynn Slater

 The Asian couple that run that store have no children, and run that
store seven days a week, all year. They take no vacations. They
give the courtesy of check cashing or money orders for a fraction of
the price that banks, check cashing places, or otherwise charge.

They are a very unselfish couple, who devote themselves to their
business and their customers. They give the courtesy of excess
customer service, for 1% of a check cashing charge (versus much much
more elsewhere for those who don't have bank accounts), and a mere
cents charge for a money order that far surpass banks you may have
accounts with, and far less than any 7-11 or other would charge for a
money order.

When my husband went to cash his check today and found that store
closed, I immediately knew something happened. That couple is always
there, seven days a week, year long. They have many locals who
depend on them for check cashing or money orders.

I am sick that such a loving family business was injured by greed and
crime. It might be Union City, but it's just a stone throw from us.
If it weren't for them, we'd not have a place to cash our check every
other week for nearly free, and obtain money orders, for nearly
nothing... since we don't have bank accounts.

My heart goes out to them. If anyone has any information further
regarding the hospital, etc., please share. That couple has been a
happy moment in our life at least twice or more a month, and I am
sick that they were targeted. I hadn't read anything in the paper
regarding it.

Posted – 07/28/07 9:48am by Lynn Slater

I never found anything in the paper after the initial story that he
was in critical condition and the losers weren't caught. This
contradicts what was posted here earlier. If someone knows for sure
please post it to the group.

Rock Ave
Posted – 07/28/07 9:48am by Lynn Slater

About the shooting...yes the man/owner of the guys shot him in the chest...then the guys ran down to osprey and were caught (not sure if both, but for sure one of them) in front of my friends house at the park... at least this is what I was told...the police had went to my friends house since the guys were seen going by there.

H street
Posted – 07/28/07 9:48am by Lynn Slater

The follow-up article in the Argus said the man was recovering from the bullet shot to his chest.

I Street
Posted – 07/28/07 9:49am by Lynn Slater

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