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BMX BICYCLE BANDITS in Niles (2 replies)
I am one of the so called adolescent boys that built this bmx bicycle track. Me and my friends built these jumps up by hand.It took weeks to do and  all we are trying to is have a little fun around town, as there is nowhere to ride our bicycles otherwise. Everyone is so concerned about the jump across the tracks, we have common sense when we are doing all of this. We had two people looking both ways for trains before we even thought about jumping it. after once or twice of jumping it it was no longer standing, it was just some dirt leading up to the tracks.

we also have a bunch of jumps in the Niles park, we dont have any
jumps over any train tracks there, yet they are still being torn down
every time we build them back up.
We keep it clean, we dont use voulgar language, and we arent hurting
We heard it was because the trail was dirty but, we sweep it if there
is lots of dirt on it. And if the problem is liability, then wouldn't
it be the same if we were riding down the park trail and we fell
riding on flat ground?? We are all very advanced riders and we all
have fallen on our jumps, but none of our parents have sued anyone.
In fact most of us have signed liability release forms for our set of

All I am trying to say is why aren't you posting topics on the drug
dealers that are in Niles?
Or graffiti, or the REAL crime in Niles??

All of us kids are just trying to have some fun in our town.
And we are just trying to stay out of trouble by making our harmless
jumps. And when we all become drug dealers, drug addicts, and bank
robbers you will be sorry you ever wanted them to tear down our jumps.
And some of you might be saying "there is the Fremont skate park!"
but they don't allow bicycles in.
So unless we are provided a designated bicycle jumping area which
would never happen.
We are going to continue building our jumps A.K.A. BMX courses.

Sorry but thats just the reality of this situation.

And there will not be any more train track jumps to worry about
either, we made it for a little movie we were making, and it didnt
look that cool on film anyways. So we are going to stick with jumps in
the park.

-B.M.X. BANDIT/Adolescent Boy
A.k.A. Joey
Niles Blvd.
Posted – 07/28/07 9:56am by Lynn Slater, updated or replied 07/28/07 9:57am

Awesome! Great for responding dude! Way to go for speaking your piece. I hope i can help out!
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Posted – 07/28/07 9:56am by Lynn Slater

 know you and your friends are not trouble makers or causing ruckus in town. You truly are trying to have simply down to earth clean fun. Thanks for clarifying that the train track jumps are no longer being used.
I think most of the adults that were discussing this topic might feel a little more at ease. I know that when I was your age, I was doing the same thing. Only back then no one was eager to sue over kids trying to have fun over their  summer break from school.
Enjoy the rest of your summer.
Posted – 07/28/07 9:57am by Lynn Slater

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