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Suspicious Activity

Suspicious characters with lookout (2 replies)

On Aug 25, I called the Fremont Police to report suspicious characters who looked very much like they didn't belong and like they were doing something illegal. One looked like the lookout person. Unfortunately, I did not give very good details as I was driving by and they were looking at me strangely with my kids in the car, so my report wasn't a very detailed one. I did give their location and a brief description. I didn't have enough details but I thought it better to call with something than to not call at all.

Unfortunately, the police dept. has been busy today so an officer just now came to pursue the call. I told him they are probably long gone. He didn't realize that the call was placed awhile ago as he was ready to pursue the call. He said they were busy. He seemed surprised that the call was old.

I hope a house hasn't been broken into or some other crime committed.
Please be on the lookout.

When we were visiting our niece in San Diego recently, her barking pug woke me up at 4am. I looked outside and saw a hooded look-out guy. I yelled out at him and he made up a story and left. I noticed my niece's husband's car cockeyed, out of it's stall. I had called the police, not realizing he was breaking into my niece's husband's car. They were trying to steal it and in the process, they caused major damage, breaking the ignition and all door locks, plus some windows. If I didn't yell out, their SUV would have most likely been long-gone across the border as that's what has happened to most of the cars stolen from the complexes in that area that are never seen again (they are almost at the border). My niece is in the Navy (usually leaves for work around 5am), has 2 little ones and they don't make much money nor do they have good insurance or any tow service (they are young). This left them with one car for awhile as they struggle, working two different schedules and in taking the baby and toddler to two different day cares. I helped them out as much as I could. The San Diego police too were understaffed and came much later after the criminals were long gone.

I just get so frustrated when people's lives are interfered with because of crimes.

I highly respect our police dept. and understand that they are understaffed with more important crimes to take care of.

In a perfect world, it would be nice if we could prevent crimes by catching folks when being reported...

L Morton

Posted – 09/03/05 3:34pm by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 09/03/05 3:38pm

Activity was on LINDA DRIVE.
I just got home after a long night and have been scorned via many emails for my failure to mention where this incident occured.

Sorry, but as I was typing this up today right after speaking to the police officer, I got a phone call as another close niece of mine was in labor. I tried to finish the email quickly and didn't review it, debating on whether or not to hit "SEND" as I wasn't quite through. I DID with the message as-is, failing to mention it was on my street. My boys and I had to head off to Washington Hospital and I've been away with relatives/watching little ones and two visiting Pugs tonight til close to midnight–so sorry for such a late response. The message probably would never have made it out at all if I didn't hit SEND with my schedule being what it is.

The suspicious activity was on LINDA DRIVE.

I still haven't thorougly read through my original message, so if I left out other pertinenet info or if you live on Linda and want more info, let me know privately tomorrow after I've had some rest. Actually, I'll have more tots & kids over in the next few days, so it may take awhile for me to get back to you, so go easy on me...

Failure to detail from an otherwise "detail oriented" person (blame it on my age...oh yeah, I'm not that old...really!),

L Morton Linda Drive

Posted – 09/03/05 3:37pm by Lynn R Slater

Thank you!
I don't think anyone would scorn you, only that some of us were, of course, concerned. There have been a lot strange characters around in past months. I live close to Linda Drive and appreciate the head-up and the fact that as tired and overwhelmed as you were, you took the time to care. Thank you!
Posted – 09/03/05 3:38pm by Lynn R Slater

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