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Excellent Pizza! And a great place to grab a beer at the counter...
Bronco Billy's is yet another great hit..on the strip!  Bronco Billy's makes great pizza and they make pizza like pizza should be made.  Have enjoyed grabbing a salad, and drank a beer or two at the counter.  Great spot to hit, if you are back from a day's event/or work and you just don't feel like cookin!
Posted - 06/16/08 3:51pm by Dave Landreth
THIS IS A GREAT STORE!!! This is a must stop/visit!!

What would Niles be without Mikey"s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is the greatest place to grab a sandwich (sandwiches alone, under $4 bucks), chips and a drink.  I recall the sandiwiches being around $3.75? and they have a good sandwhich/cheese variety.  They also, have a great selection of Ice Cream, Produce, beer, wine, and soda - it goes on!  They have great tamalies that are homemade, and lots of other things that you may need, but don't want to drive to get it!  They also, have fresh produce, veggies and fruit.  If you think that Mikeys might not carry that one item, you need to go to the store to get, try them...they might have it!  Yes, they carry heavy whipping cream!! 

Posted - 06/16/08 3:44pm by Dave Landreth , updated or replied 06/16/08 3:45pm
Great Place to eat!!
Absolutley adore CiCi's.  Have always enjoyed eating here!  And the service has always been fantastic (thank you Monica!!).  This is a great place to hit for some good tasting food.  Even popped in late one night with a party of 8 and they sat us (got there around 8:30 pm).  They sat us with a smile on their face.  I really love the Chicken Marsalis, and the Veal Marsalis.  Good eats! Great service, and I recomend you give CiCi's a try.  It's worth it!
Posted - 06/16/08 3:27pm by Dave Landreth , updated or replied 06/16/08 3:27pm

Bronco Billy's Pizza...  as a fairly recent resident of Niles, I have had several opportunities to have their pizza and I must say, they are very very good.  Also as busy as they always seem to be, they have always been very polite and friendly to myself and my guests.  As far as their rating, I give them a 10.  If you have not had the chance to try the pizza, don't wait, you are really missing out!

Posted - 08/26/07 10:56pm by Leslie Guzman
Night and Day at the Essanay

Lured in by the amazing dessert quality demonstrated at Open Mic, we gave the Essanay Café another try.  It was night and day. The new chief/partner is wondrously passionate about her food and this showed in every element and in the rest of the staff. The veggies were a meal unto themselves with very effective and surprising combinations. Entries were great and the served with flair. The desserts are fantastically intense.

Posted - 12/16/06 4:32pm by Lynn Slater
Bob's Special

I went to Cici's Thursday night. I sat up at the counter and ordered Bob's Special. Bob's Special is angel hair pasta, creamy pesto sauce, and pine nuts. Oh yeah, Bob was also sitting up at the counter eating his special. I had a delightful conversation with him and his wife. They live in the area, I think Niles. Very warm and thoughtful family.

Posted - 11/18/06 5:10pm by Lynn Slater

My husband and I ate at Cici's Wed night. It's

Posted - 11/18/06 5:07pm by Lynn Slater
Delicious grilled veggie sandwich

Delicious grilled veggie sandwich at lunch, avocado benedict (contains eggs) at breakfast – super good hollandaise.

Posted - 07/27/06 10:54pm by Lynn R Slater
Veggie at the Nile
Same here - as a veg family, I'm always hopeful.
Posted - 07/27/06 10:53pm by Lynn R Slater
Veggie at the Nile See reply

Kelly:  My daughter is a strict vegetarian and, on the several occasions she and I have eaten dinner at the Nile, we just ask “what can you make vegetarian?”  They adapt most of the “nibbles” and they are delightful.  I’ve not seen a veggie entrée yet, but the nibbles are the most fun anyway.  Add a salad for a great dinner.

Posted - 07/27/06 10:52pm by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 07/27/06 10:53pm
Highly recommend dinner at The Nile Cafe.

I went to The Nile Cafe the other night and had their dinner. I ate:

Posted - 07/26/06 11:09pm by Lynn R Slater
Great start, Fresh cooking

Ate there opening weekend. The menu was limited but had something for everybody. The food was well cooked from fresh ingrediants, including the crab that temporarily had the upper claw in the kitchen earlier.

Posted - 05/20/06 5:09pm by Lynn Slater, updated or replied 05/20/06 5:09pm
Decent but limited
This is the place to strike deals in Niles. The quant cafe has sidewalk seating, a small front area, and a back pateo area. Sandwiches are decent but moderate in portion.
Posted - 09/26/05 8:48am by Lynn Slater
One of the Best
This little character filled store makes a very good pizza with generous and fresh ingredients. Service can get busy but is always trying. The atmosphere of the place is amazing and authentic.
Posted - 09/26/05 8:46am by Lynn Slater
Our favorite is close to home
Papillons would be one of our favorite places even it if were not also one of the closest. Great place for a relaxed dinner. Plan for dessert. Don't be surpized when Toy remembers you the next visit and even remembers what you ordered.
Posted - 08/26/05 4:34pm by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 08/26/05 4:36pm
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