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Dogs to avoid
News about dogs that are dangerious or undersupervised

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Posted – 09/29/05 6:31pm by K , updated or replied 11/30/06 3:23pm

Pit bull attack followup
One month after the incident, an update on the pit bull attack of Sept. 28 near Niles Elementary School.

Emmy, my dog, is physically doing fine. I am hoping the hair will grow back enough to hide most of the scar on her ribcage. Emotionally, she’s still a bit on edge, especially with noises in the dark of the night.

The attacking pit bull was put down, with the consent of the owners. Had they decided to keep it, the dog would have been classified “potentially dangerous” and they would have been required to upgrade fencing and gates, post warning signs, and obtain a special permit. By putting the dog down, Animal Control considers the case closed. There’s no followup, no fines, and the owner’s are free and clear from having to take any of the aforementioned preventative measures. I do not know if they own other dogs.

Additionally, I have had no response from the owners to my letter regarding reimbursement of the veterinary bill. As such, I will be pursuing the matter in court. If you believe you have had a previous incident with this pit bull, and would be willing to make a written statement for presentation to the court, please contact me and I will provide you with more specific identification of the dog and simple instructions.

Thank you all for your care, concern and healing prayers. It’s certainly made a rough patch smoother for both myself and Rena.

Phil Dein
Niles Blvd.

Posted – 10/28/05 7:52am by Lynn R Slater

Pit bull attack
Oh no!  Not Emmy!  Scrapper sends her healing Boxer slurps and hopes she recovers quickly.  I'm so sorry she was hurt
:-(  This is one of my biggest nightmares of walking my dogs.  Mine on a leash, and a loose one, threatening.  We hope Emmy gets better quick.
Genie Hawkins
Barnes Lanes
Posted – 10/28/05 7:55am by Lynn R Slater

I'm so sorry to hear about Emmy.  She's too sweet and wonderful to deserve this attack.   Thank God you weren't hurt too in this attack.   Jesse, Chance and I send out doggie kisses and get well wishes to the both of you.
Fellow dog walker in Niles,
Posted – 10/28/05 7:55am by Lynn R Slater

Oh my gosh, that is horrible!  I have had 2 loose pit bulls gang up on my dog on the Creek Trail and it is a frightening experience.  Big “get better” doggy hugs from all of us.


Riverside Ave.

Posted – 10/28/05 7:55am by Lynn R Slater

Was the pit bull a pretty large (tall) white one?

About 10 days ago (on a Sunday) I was walking on Third St
near J St when I saw a large white pit bull running
free.  At least I thought it was a pit bull - I'm
not an expert.

Anyway, the dog was bothering other dogs.  I didn't see
a tag on the white pit bull.  I called it in to the
Fremont police.  They said Animal Control didn't work
on Sundays.  I pressed, and they said they'd send a car
out to check it out.

If it's the same dog, we should work to make sure
things like this don't happen again.

David on I St
Posted – 10/28/05 7:56am by Lynn R Slater

 I am sorry to hear about your dog.

I don't own a dog, but if I did and took him out on walks I would carry this:  http://www.guardalaska.com/bearspray.htm

It stops a charging bear; it would probably stop a pit bull.

- Larry, on Riviera
Posted – 10/28/05 7:56am by Lynn R Slater

Per the directive of the police chief, even though the animal shelter is open on Saturday, they are not allowed to provide any field services on the weekend. If it is an emergency- a dog attack in progress or seriously injured animal (bleeding to death, etc) PD may respond.
May being the operative word.
Posted – 10/28/05 7:57am by Lynn R Slater

I'm so sorry your dog was hurt!  I hope she recovers quickly, and I'm  glad you avoided being bitten. Can the owner be prosecuted for allowing a vicious dog to run around loose?

DeAnna Alm
The Trees
Posted – 10/28/05 7:57am by Lynn R Slater

 Rena - I'm so sorry to hear about your poor pup - having walked my Shelties in Niles for years, I never went without a stun gun after a big black stray dog (not a pit) tried to attack my dogs. I carried it in my fanny pack - open zipper with easy access to it.  Now I go to Quarry Lakes - it's safe and sound over there...

Big sloppy get well smooches from our dogs to yours....
Snyder Way

Posted – 10/28/05 7:58am by Lynn R Slater

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