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We gonna make it dadgum purty 'round 'ere (4 replies)

You expounded in true Broncho Billy fashion, "we gonna make it dadgum  purty 'round 'ere!"  Sure enough!  Let's call this movement CUSS  (Clean Up Scruffy Sites).

And great news, by golly!  I received an  immediate and heartening return call yesterday from City of Fremont  Street Maintenance Supervisor, Fred Hebener. Yes folks, there are good guys galloping in on white horses. He will be emailing me the  details for a City of Fremont-supported Niles  clean-up. Hats off to  Mr. Hebener!

Niles Main Street has contacted me regarding possible funding for on-
going maintenance. Many individuals have pledged donations, tools and  supplies. Let's thank the City, Main Street, and all our Niles 
neighbors for stepping up. And while we're at it, a big whoop for 
those who regularly paint over graffiti, maintain their homes and 
stores, renovate and restore Niles landscaping and structures.

And, oh, how about having clean-up volunteers dressing up in old 
timey western wear - jeans, boot and cowboy hats! Let's have fun and  CUSS, dang burn it!  Cathy Lyn, Washburn

Posted – 04/15/06 2:10pm by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 04/15/06 2:15pm

You know, all this makes me think again about an idea I had concerning
celebrating the train heritage by naming the new plaza Hobo Park.

I think it would be grand to have our local homeless dressed in some
sort of Great Depression era clothing and they could walk around with
burlap sacks, picking up trash, while the trains are running.  Tattered
suit coats, old fedoras, pant held up with rope for belts, bindle
sticks on their shoulders, etc.  "Grapes of Wrath" or "Emporer of the
North Pole" sort of costumes.  We could pay them by giving out free
lunches, soup-kitchen style, from the Munoz building, have them line up
on the sidewalks.  We could raise money from local merchants by having
some of the homeless walking around with sandwich-boards with their ads
on them. 

A well-placed demonstration hobo jungle where it could be seen by the
train passengers on the way into Niles would be fantastic.  A tarpaper
shack or two would add to the atmosphere.

- Larry, on Riviera
Posted – 04/15/06 2:11pm by Lynn R Slater

Great idea!  but what about when the word gets out to the homeless in surrounding cities?  we could end up making a bad situation worse. Be careful for what you wish for!!!
Posted – 04/15/06 2:11pm by Lynn R Slater

Ha, Ha. That's good, I've been mulling your idea over for a day or two, just simply for the latent energy which it contains.
 The recent response by >alcassdan<  finally galvanized in me what I believe may be a fitting contributional response:
Along with the Grapes of Wrath, soup kitchen, etc. that you have so colorfully described, how about some other dimensions of our fair town as well?
How about the pompous artisans, and construction people such as myself, proudly posing with their power tools and pickup trucks in freshly pressed Carhart regalia?
Or the successful tech industry types with their hybrid cars and PDA's at the ready? 
Or the established professional, secretly pleased to be living in a "quirky" place, a place with a pulse at least...
Or maybe a dash of the succesfull retired types with bulging portfolios and immaculately groomed pets?
Family types?,  I'm one of those, as well....maybe you are too..?   Fill in the blanks...And line 'em up!
One thing we don't want to do is leave anyone owners, did I forget you?
After all, this town belongs to all of us, right? 
Let's just say, for once, NOT only in Niles!
Dirk Visser, (he who lives on Second street). 
Posted – 04/15/06 2:11pm by Lynn R Slater

It was just a short time ago, that I was afraid to take my grandchildren to Niles Community Park. There were agressive homeless people there intimidating people in the Park. There was a lot of alcohol consumed along with various drugs. The Fremont Police stayed on top of the problem and most of them left Niles.

Now, you are inviting them back. I find Zero humor in this. It makes me sad to see someone stick a pole in a hornets nest for a few laughs. What are you thinking. Please keep Niles Area a place where people are not afraid.

Bill Spicer

Niles Blvd.

Posted – 04/15/06 2:15pm by Lynn R Slater

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