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Niles Blvd. connector to KB Homes on Fremont Agenda (4 replies)
 Not sure of how many of you are aware that Niles Blvd. continues on
down through to the KB Homes in Union City. This is just before the
over pass, if you are to stay to the right and continue on it will
lead to the KB HOMES IN UNION CITY. When this development was being
presented it was stated that Gold street where Niles Ends was to be
closed off at the end of Niles once the access on Decoto was
available. Well now that the project is well underway and they are
about to start building more homes they want to leave the access
open, even though they now have access on Decoto; instead of
complying with what was promised originally. (to my understanding,
this is documented). The traffic situation is already increasingly
worse. This is to be discussed at Tuesday's meeting here is the link
if you are interested. Item 5.2 on the Agenda.

All this does is allow more cars/traffic that rightfully belongs to
Union City and Not our little town! It is hard enough to cross over
back on to Niles Blvd. with the way things are now, it will only get
worse if this is to remain open.

I urge you to write or attend the meeting so that they are forced to
comply with the street closure, instead of being able to say one
thing just to get what they want and then do another because they
never intended on keeping their promise in the first place!

Thank you for your time.

Niles Blvd.
Posted – 01/15/07 10:42pm by Lynn Slater, updated or replied 01/15/07 10:44pm

The flip side of the coin, of course, is that this access makes it easier for
people in the new development to spend their money at Niles restaurants and
businesses. It would be a long way around for them to do so otherwise.

Posted – 01/15/07 10:43pm by Lynn Slater

I wonder how the people who live in Niles, near California Terrace park would feel about not having access to Niles Blvd, when people from Union City do?  I don't live over there, but I think it would irk me.

I was in that neighbourhood one day, and found out the hard way that the only way out was to go back to Mission Blvd.  I was surprised that there was no access to Niles Blvd.  Just my 2 cents worth.

Serena on Snyder
Posted – 01/15/07 10:43pm by Lynn Slater

Nursery Road
My concern is the road condition of Niles Blvd. from Nursery Ave. to Sullivan Underpass.  The street is atrocious with bumps, potholes, etc., as is all of 2nd St..  Why anyone would want to drive it daily unless they have to, is beyond me.  Talk about wear and tear on your car!  Mission - even though newly done parallel to Niles Blvd. along the same stretch has it's share of pot holes, it's a much friendlier drive on your vehicle.  If Niles wants to welcome visitors, Niles should be pounding on City Hall doors to get Niles Blvd. repaved.
Also, if Niles Blvd. is more accessible, more southbound cars might use 2nd St., making a right on Hillview, as a "go through" to 2nd St. and cut in on Niles Blvd. commute traffic at J St... avoiding the already bottlenecked traffic heading south on Niles Blvd. during commute hours.    Northbound commuters using Niles Blvd. might turn down J St., use 2nd St., then come back up on Hillview to make a left onto Niles Blvd.  Any more traffic will just make the roads worse, and start tearing up Niles Blvd. where the shops are... the only decent street stretch that is most often used.
Not to mention, making a left onto Niles Blvd. from Rancho Arroyo Pkwy, Rock Ave, or Carnation Way during the 2-3 hour commute hour block in morning and night is crazy (and dangerous when the shrubs in the center dividers aren't cut low enough to see oncoming traffic!).  It's just as difficult at those times to make a left on to Niles Blvd. from El Portal or Linda.
I'm in the Rancho Arroyo track of houses, and even I, for the past several years, exit Niles during commute traffic in one of two ways:
Head over to Hillview up to Niles Blvd. because there is only one lane of opposing traffic to make a left on Niles Blvd. (even though I'm slightly backtracking by avoiding making a left onto Niles Blvd. from Rancho Arroyo), OR, go up Rancho Arroyo and cut through the second to last drive way of the Rancho Arroyo Apts., go up Rock Ave., or go further down Plumeria/Carnation, to make a left onto Niles Blvd.
I realize with the new housing going in at Rock Ave/Niles Blvd, it's going to get worse traffic-wise.  Then we also have the Purple Lotus church thing being built, don't we - haven't heard any updates or anything about canceling that?  More stop lights are going to HAVE to be put on Niles Blvd. with those projects alone, even with just the housing project at Rock Ave. and Niles Blvd.  My guess is, since the new housing will probably have an outlet on Rock Ave. (and Niles Blvd.), a traffic light will go in at Rock/Niles Blvd. to accommodate the traffic wanting to make a left onto Niles Blvd., and the walking traffic of those attending the church on Niles Blvd. at Rock Ave... that way police won't have to be used to direct traffic and escort pedestrians on Sundays when that church has their big events... so a traffic light there would serve twofold... foot traffic and vehicle traffic.
I'm not looking forward to anymore traffic down Niles Blvd. unless our roads can be fixed, and existing homeowners can be accommodated with a much (to be needed) traffic light.
Riviera Dr.
Posted – 01/15/07 10:44pm by Lynn Slater

Niles Blvd. connector to KB Homes on Fremont Agenda
Good Luck trying to get the City Council to do the right thing.
I will bet money, that they go back on there promise and leave the road open.
Bill Spicer
Niles Blvd.
Posted – 01/15/07 10:44pm by Lynn Slater

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