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Driving/Parking Issue in Downtown Niles (10 replies)
Does anyone know if there is anything we can do to make it safer for business customers to back out of the angled parking spaces along the west side of Niles Boulevard downtown? On numerous occasions, I've come close to being hit while backing out of them. So, when I'm driving through there and someone is trying to back out, I always stop and let them.
I believe the oncoming traffic has the right-of-way, but what can you do when you can't SEE the oncoming traffic, you need to back out, and you don't have a passenger who can get out, lay down on the pavement twenty feet upstream of your space, and pretend to have a heart attack or convulsions for long enough that you can safely exit a parking space??
Are speed bumps a possibility? Or are there any other creative ideas as to how we could make that downtown angled-parking area more "exit friendly"?
Del on Niles Boulevard
Posted – 01/15/07 10:48pm by Lynn Slater, updated or replied 01/15/07 10:56pm

I have been very frustrated by this same issue for years.  I feel like I take my life in my hands each time I back out of one of those spots.  I usually back out enough so that I can see through the window of the car next to me and then inch my way out really slowly. 
King Court
Posted – 01/15/07 10:48pm by Lynn Slater

Ban SUVs from parking there, so that you can see through the other parked
vehicles to the road beyond them, and therefore see other vehicles coming.
(Well, you did ask for "creative"! ;)

Posted – 01/15/07 10:49pm by Lynn Slater

I have an idea, if all Niles’ residents when driving downtown would drive "reeeeally" slow and be courteous to allow drivers to get out of their parking spaces. This would show that Niles cares for our guest that shop in our town.

This may also really annoy those dimwits who race down Niles Blvd to avoid driving on Mission Blvd.

Ron Warnecke

Riverside Avenue
Posted – 01/15/07 10:49pm by Lynn Slater

The problem has existed for about 60 years or so. When I back out of the angle parking or back up period, I use my horn to let  people know, I am there and backing up.

A lot of commercial vehicles now beep when backing up.
Bill Spicer
Niles Blvd.

Posted – 01/15/07 10:49pm by Lynn Slater

Oh, a person after my own heart!  Or make an “SUV-free zone” for those of us with normal cars.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come out and found myself deep within the “valley of the shadow of death” with a giant one on each side of me and nothing to do but inch back until I can see out the lower corner one square inch of my right back window….  

Genie Hawkins

Barnes Lane

Posted – 01/15/07 10:50pm by Lynn Slater

The speed limit on Niles Boulevard is 25 miles per hour, which may seem slow to those driving down the stretch, but is VERY reasonable to help those pulling out of parking spaces.  I just don't see many people driving that slow down Niles Blvd.  I agree with Ron - maybe we Niles residents can set an example and at the very least, help out our fellow Niles people by making it easier for them to safely pull out of the angled parking spaces by being very careful not to exceed the 25 mph posted speed limit!  Aha, that's why it's there!
D Street
Posted – 01/15/07 10:50pm by Lynn Slater

Here is my proposed alternative:
Park in the lot across the street.  You will get a bit of exercise when you cross to go into your favorite store, and you won't have to worry about backing up into fast-moving traffic.
Of course, I realize this is not a "solution" to the problem.  But it is an alternative that some might find useful.
Essanay Avenue
Posted – 01/15/07 10:50pm by Lynn Slater

Almost got creamed a number of times – I never thought that those angles are
a good idea… Finally resorted to parking in the parking lot by the tracks.
That lot is so centrally located – people can easily walk to all of the
Niles shops from there. Maybe a few designated spots in front of the stores
for the handicapped would have been okay… Seems like people walk for miles
all over the malls and shopping centers, but drive around a block 10 times
to find a parking spot close to an establishment…go figure...

As for the speeding (which gets worse every day) hopefully someone in this
group is a cop or on the city council who can arrange for a speed trap or
two to be set up periodically – with that extra $6 million the city “found”
in their budget – maybe some of it can be used for law enforcement?
Just a thought...
Gitta Brown
Snyder Way
Posted – 01/15/07 10:50pm by Lynn Slater

This is the point where we can connect the speeding traffic going down Niles Boulevard and the the continued access of the KB Homes development to more high speed, out of control traffic in the area.

Our friend rents the last house on the Niles extension before the wall that surrounds the KB Homes development. On several occasions I have stopped in front of her house to visit and found that I had to watch the traffic very carefully. Few drivers observed the speed restriction (35 miles per hour) or the stop signs on that section of the road. It was never an issue before the wall was taken down.

Shouldn’t the KB Homes homeowners association direct their people to use the DeCoto entrance since is was purposely designed and built to handle the heavier traffic and to direct traffic movement to the larger roads with traffic signals? The over pass is one of my big hazzards when I try to pull out of that section. The traffic from Union City is moving at at least 45 MPH and barely slows to make the left hand turn to the KB Homes section. My friend has had to report far too many dead animals killed due to the higher traffic levels coming directly from the  KB Homes area.

Like many other walled communities in the area the reason for the walls are to limit access and to control traffic speed. That works for being on the other side of these gated communities, too. We don’t want their traffic unless they are willing to conform to the general traffic laws. It shouldn’t be an issue!

I have seen the higher vigilance of the Fremont police in the Niles area and purposely slowed to the 25 M.P.H traffic speed (usually I’m doing about 30 MPH) on Niles Boulevard only to be passed by a red Mustang at Niles & D Street going at least twice the going traffic speed. It didn’t help them since they had to slow for other traffic. I still had a thought that any of the pedestrians on sidewalks and crosswalks or the motorcyclists who park at the Florence could have been hit by this person. I don’t understand why anyone who is trying to get from one section of Fremont to another is even on Niles Boulevard. It’s practically a dead end street.

So, two things: shut down the KB Homes access and get video verification of high speed misdemeanor on Niles Boulevard. The Fremont Police have cameras at significant intersections, why not on Niles and Nursery Street?

I’ve thought long and hard before I sent this email. I’ve lived in California for only under two years, but, after driving cross country and experiencing how the rest of the country drives some Californians are crazier than most of the East Coast. Maybe it’s all the straight roads. When you live in a small state (MA) wild drivers don’t get very far. The MA state police are vigilant.

What are we supposed to do?

Second Street
Posted – 01/15/07 10:56pm by Lynn Slater

This underscores what I said recently about people pulling out and
passing traffic that is obeying the speed limit on that residential
stretch of Niles Boulevard between Hillview and the Sullivan
Underpass. This is a new phenomenon in the 14 years I've lived in
Niles. I've only noticed this behavior becoming common in the last
six months or so.

It almost always is some young driver in a muscle car, or a lowered
Japanese "tuner" car. And at times they don't even slow down when
coming upon slower moving traffic; they just put the pedal to the
floor and swerve around it.

I would dearly love to see one of them cited for going 70 in a 25 mph
zone, as well as reckless driving, etc. etc. The fine would be huge.
Not likely to happen, though.

Del on Niles Boulevard
Posted – 01/15/07 10:56pm by Lynn Slater

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