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Film Sites -- Now and Then

Now and Then scene of The Tramp
The Now and Then pictures of the Charlie Chaplin "The Tramp" shows a scene that was supposedly shot right across the street from my house.

I live in Old Canyon Road in a Two-story Victorian Bungalow built in 1905. in what used to be the Ellsworth property tract.

According to title records a Mr. Mohr had an "easement" in my property to allow for cow access to the Alameda Creek. I recently received a letter addressed to a David Mohr at my home, and wonder if it's from the same family.

The second owner was Mrs. Nell Anderson & Tom Anderson, who moved here in the early 1920-30's (?) and owned it until 1986.  He was a local, and had a sister named Fannie. When they first moved in, Mrs. Anderson was surprised one morning by some men sitting in her front room who said they were "waiting for the Girls to come down".

Mrs. Nell Anderson was a local newspaper and magazine writer and poet. 
She raised a niece and nephew in this house, Richard Ferrington and June Ferrington-DeKnoop.  There was supposedly another niece named Millicent who moved to Marin County.

June had an antique store in Niles before retiring in 1990s. (?)
I was fortunate to meet June briefly a couple months before when her daughter drove her by to see the house.  She told me she had gotten married at 19yrs.  in front of the two Canary Palm trees in front of my house. 

Sadly our tentative plans to have her come later and see the house and hear her stories of her family and growing up in this house were not realized, and she passed away last March.

Nydia Estrada

Posted – 10/20/05 4:14pm by Nydia Estrada

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