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Pest control or exterminators (3 replies)
Can anyone out there recommend a good pest control company?  I've been
hearing scratching noises from inside the bathroom wall, and am worried about what is being gnawed on (hopefully not electrical wires!).  I
have two indoor dogs, so I would prefer a company that won't inadvertently poison my pets.

Posted – 10/28/05 8:28am by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 11/26/07 6:20pm

A while back, I had asked for the same recommendation from this group.  I was given recommendations for a few companies, but all of them only dealt with insect and/or termite control.  I started researching this issue and was told that there are basically two companies that handle this type of situation (where you have an animal intruding onto your property).  I thought that there were pest control places that would handle rodent trapping, but I had a hard time finding one in the tri-cities area.  There were some in San Jose, but none would travel to Fremont.  I was given two recommendations by one the San Jose folks.  Animal Damage Management based in Morgan Hill and Critter Control based in Walnut Creek.
I called both.  Critter Control was not as friendly and was much more expensive just for the inital assessment, and they would charge me every time they had to come back to check the traps or removal an animal.  (I was looking for humane trapping).
Animal Damage Management (I can't remember the name of the guy I spoke to, but he was really nice) told me they would come out for the initial assessment and set traps if necessary.  And then they wouldn't charge me to come back and get the animal.  The initial assessment for the person to come out from Morgan Hill to Niles was $150.
The guy from ADM came out and was professional and we were pleased with the outcome.
Lastly, the City of Fremont has some brochures you can request which deal with nuisance animals and what you can do to prevent damage to your home.
Good luck!
Elizabeth on Essanay
Posted – 12/10/05 9:43am by Lynn R Slater

We just set traps in the attic.  My husband looks forward to coming home and checking his "traps" - UG, big hunter...

:-g  We also have skunks and possums living under our deck and house on occasion.  The city will not help you trap a wild animal, you have to call someone and yes, it is quite expensive.  And after all that, we never got the skunk, only a couple of possums and our cat.
Genie Hawkins
Barnes Lane

Posted – 12/10/05 9:44am by Lynn R Slater

Clark sent someone out, who wasa not very helpful.
Posted – 12/10/05 9:45am by Lynn R Slater

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