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Vet Recommendation (13 replies)

Can someone recommend a good vet? 

We need advice on our turtles.

Posted – 10/28/05 8:30am by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 12/03/05 11:09am

 Mission Valley Vet at Mowy and Mission has been great for the last 25 years for us...even with the change of Vets... They are not cheap -

I'd call them to find about about turtle treatment though...
Snyder Way

Posted – 10/28/05 8:31am by Lynn R Slater

I agree with everything Gitta said. 

I was really impressed with how nicely and lovingly they handled my little Scruffy dog, as he tried to eat their hands.  And they're not cheap.
-Jon on H

Posted – 10/28/05 8:31am by Lynn R Slater

We love Mission Valley Vet!


Riverside Ave.

Posted – 10/28/05 8:32am by Lynn R Slater

Dr. Robert Tisdale on Ellsworth Street in Mission San Jose.  He has been my vet for over 20 years.  He just celebrated his 25th anniversary in the same location.  And the office staff is nice, too.
Genie Hawkins
Posted – 10/28/05 8:32am by Lynn R Slater

V.H.S. Veterinary Housecall Service
Dr. Robin Teague
Posted – 10/28/05 8:33am by Lynn R Slater

When people say "they're not cheap" does that mean there is a big difference from a normal priced vet? We just adopted a stray cat and we need the full test/vaccine package including getting him "fixed" eventually. I'd really like to find a vet that is normally priced and offers good friendly service. I really liked Dr Metcalfe on Grimmer, but he is no longer there. We tried American once, and were not too pleased. I've been to vets that seem to charge 2x the going rate.

Does the mobile (Dr Robin Teague)vet come to Fremont? Looks like they're in Livermore but their fees are reasonable. I'll call tomorrow but what was the experience like?

Greg Rock Ave

Posted – 10/28/05 8:33am by Lynn R Slater

Usually when a Vet is more expensive there is a reason. They have state of the art equipment and a good reputation to be thorough and knowledgable. They use Isoflorin for anesthesia (same as what people get in hospitals) instead of that other stuff which makes the animals very groggy for a few days (been there, done that). It's also not that safe. Basically - you get what you pay for.

I've heard nothing but negative feedback from American - including from people who used to work there. Always had great experiences with Mission Valley at Mowry and Mission.


Snyder Way

Posted – 10/28/05 8:34am by Lynn R Slater

One reason prices have gone up is that corporations are buying out vet practices. They are pushed to ask for a large array of tests that normally would be optional but most people don't know that.
Posted – 10/28/05 8:34am by Lynn R Slater

 I have taken my cat to American Animal Hospital for 12 years and they have taken very good care of him. Their new clinic is state of the art,
and they can do almost all lab work in-house, which saves time and worry. I have nothing negative to say about them.

-- Ann
   Second Street
Posted – 10/28/05 8:35am by Lynn R Slater

May I suggest the mobile pet clinic at Pet Food Express near Raleys for help in keeping pet costs down.  I have 2 dogs & a cat and that's where I've been taking them to get their vaccinations & medications.  It's about a 1/3 of what the vets charge and they give you a receipt/certificate to show what shots have been given.  
I'm all for taking my pets to the vet, I use All About Pets in Union City, when they have a problem but I have been able to keep the high costs of keeping my pets healthy by using this mobile pet clinic.  I believe they are there on Sundays from 2-3pm. 
Canyon Heights Dr
Posted – 10/28/05 8:35am by Lynn R Slater

 I order a lot of products for my dogs from and
like pyran 50, a wormer just as strong as nemex but
less than half the cost. 

Vets understand we all need to save money on 'scrips,
so you may just want to try asking if there are over
the counter remedies or holistic approaches you can
try first, or if he/she is willing to write/fax a
prescription out for you to send in to an online
supplier (like 1-800-petmeds).

As for vaccines, most farm supply stores carry
individual vials and syringes (livermore Farm and Feed
does, less than $5 per shot).  I do my own and peel
off the handy labels for reference on a form in my
dogs' home charts.  The only one you can't give
yourself is rabies, and the mobile clinics are great
for that. Inexpensive and fast.

Posted – 10/28/05 8:35am by Lynn R Slater

Good Inexpensive Vet Needed For Sick Cat
Mission Valley is very good.  They have consistently provided first-rate care for our cats
Posted – 12/03/05 11:08am by Lynn R Slater

I'd recommend Mission Valley also.  We've been using them for 6 years.
Riverside Ave.
Posted – 12/03/05 11:09am by Lynn R Slater

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