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Garden soil? (5 replies)
Does anyone have a recommendation for a place in the area that sells soil
appropriate for filling a raised bed?

We bought some soil last summer from the place that is next to Navlet's.
Years before we had purchased soil from the same place but I think it was
under different ownership--at least it had a different name. That time the
soil worked well enough.

Last summer I called and talked to the guy about what to buy for numerous
large containers and I ordered whatever he recommended--can't remember what
it was--probably topsoil. The stuff we got doesn't seem to be able to
sustain plant life. It had a strong menthol smell when they dumped it. Even
with heavy amendments of compost, soil builder and fertilizer, I am having a
low success rate.

I have a recommendation that sounds and looks great but the place is on the
peninsula and if I can get it closer to home I'd prefer it. I'm looking for
healthy, compost-y gardening soil, preferably delivered.

One of my neighbors recommended Tri-City Rock. Does anyone have specific
advice or info about local resources?


Maria Moesch
Hacienda Gardens
Posted – 12/03/05 11:13am by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 12/03/05 11:18am

We got ours from Tri-City and it has worked out fine.  The planter mix delivered was a competitive price and was dumped where we could get at it.  Give them a call.  Barry of Niles Glen
Posted – 12/03/05 11:13am by Lynn R Slater

Davis Street Transfer Station, San Leandro 510-638-2303, sells compost and other garden soils and amendments at a low cost. Must bring your own truck.

I Street
Posted – 12/03/05 11:14am by Lynn R Slater

You might try Tri-City rock on Osgood, they deliver.  Here is their website.

Mike & Michele on Riverside
Posted – 12/03/05 11:15am by Lynn R Slater

Yes, Tri-City is fine. Ask for their planter mix, which has a fair amount of mulch mixed into it. With an organic starter product and occasional feedings of Osmocote, most everything has grown like weeds for almost three years.

Happy gardening

Karen of Niles Glen

Posted – 12/03/05 11:16am by Lynn R Slater

Ok--I'm set for soil suggestions! Today I checked out Lyngso off 101 
in Redwood City and they have an  amazing operation including nice 
clean dump trucks you can rent for an hour. On Wed we'll be in 
Berkeley so I'll visit American, and maybe the place in San Leandro,  
and see if I can get to Tri City as well.

Thank you all for taking the time to write!
Posted – 12/03/05 11:18am by Lynn R Slater

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