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#13: Internet Dating

It filled quickly and the sign-ups grew from the middle out. Oddly, at first the list contained mostly poetry – but we all know that musicians arrive late. Endless dilapidated dreams passed to a brand new day, and we doug the sound.

The flying tomato commenced the dancing and our tummies jiggled. Bruce sang that there was still a long time before dawn and then started to prove it. Lisa saved us in the nick of time!  Now we are Bobbing along!  I'm calling in sick today, like a child. We were waiting for this moment to arrive! We got the concept… leave a message after the beep.

Whoa … Is this the dark side?   We will never get out!  Marty is ok, he went out last Sunday to Copenhagen.  We will no longer take our California for granted. Lets meet somebody over the internet!   Hey, here comes the night watchman, and the fence walker too!

The internet must have worked because now we have Suzie. She is sitting in her same old seat and this is her day to show us her dreams, but she seems an thousand miles away. That's entertainment, but don’t push it.  The one and the other are alive and well, but the same can’t be said of Dan McGrew. Give him a poke. At least it was painless, disturbingly so, and it ain't me, babe.

What a mix-up.  You can't bach out of this. How ozzie is that?   We need a July women to straighten this mess, but there is no hurry. We are a week early for Valentines Day in Snakeville.

Well, I'm not going to work tomorrow… I was out late where music played at Open Mic at the Essanay.

Posted – 02/20/07 11:30pm by Lynn Slater, updated or replied 03/31/07 12:23pm

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