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#15: Joyful interpenetration on the dark side

The house was full by 7, but it started as a no-mic open mic. No wonder that Chris's first song was "May the circuit remain unbroken", but alas it was one song the then more sound fiddling. The room was restless, musicians are born to be free, but oddly when you get a hold of one they plea that you don't let go. Accept their faith, that is all you have to do. Is that too high, too high a price to pay? Author McBride thought so. Time for a group magic puff.

We got the Koncept of what music was all about. We were amused and confused as we just listened. All, that is, but one – he seems to have gotten stuck. Take a load off Anu. Loraine will break "us" us, she wants to go with you. Dirk has broader interests – he wants joyful interpenetration for all. Maybe that is why Johnny is gone for a soldier. Daphne thinks he should learn to love a woman, maybe take her flying.

Martin doesn't know why Michael wrote from a woman's prospective, but he ain't changing. He is on a merry round of denial and Sam awaits with a bushwhacking. Is it time to go cross town? Drake's Bay, perhaps? Bob would never, never, never ever make this same mistake.

Anne, why did you turn me away? The 41 day journey you sent me through twisted streetlamps and cracked sidewalks can only end in the dark side. It seems so long since we sat on a rooftop.

So, as we enter the dark hour, remember to keep your eyes off the sky and to bring yourselves hold safely.

Posted – 03/18/07 1:18pm by Lynn Slater, updated or replied 03/31/07 12:23pm

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