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#18: OpenR Mic
Shy soft and gentle appeals of friendship struggled with the unholy trinity. Is this the one and the other, the contrast?  Who "ordered" this? (Dirk).   Lets escape and go "R".

Gail unfavorably compared the carpet to the drapes and then called Bush onto it. Well, how do we feel about that?   I feel like I hope she returns.   Is this why the old men are watching?  Frozen, possessed by their possessions, speculating on the operations of pussies?  Bruce seems particularly interested in the hole.

Joe took a long time to get started, no surprise there, but Ryan and Ben bought the energy back – they want more and so they go to the internet.  A comet marked the start of the parade of Open Mic stars. The bag man was giantly lonesome and sent searching for a heart of gold. Kris confirmed that musicians are vampires (that is why poets end up first on the sign-up list), but this vampire reminds us why we stay alive. Andy's girlfriend could have used this lesson – BB King knew it well.

Gummy tummies were exactly funny but not in a classical sort of way, so Brian administered the balance. Did he find the happy button?  Well, Mat sang a happy song and says to take him any way you can.  Lets take a walk sometime after dark.

Well, to paraphrase a long fellow, May God send us all more weeks like this at the Essanay.


Standard disclaimer: These summaries are made the night of the performances and presented immediately after the last performer.   They incorporate titles and memorable lines or themes from the various performers. Every performer is generally represented with the performances threaded together in a semblance of a theme. The references are full of inside jokes best known to those present that night but they do give an impression of the open flowing feel of these magical moments.

Posted – 03/25/07 11:20am by Lynn Slater, updated or replied 04/15/07 2:53pm

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