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#20: $17 gives you unlimited rides and smells drive the sales

Bruce broke the ice with a memorable song whose name he couldn't remember and we celebrated Loraine's professional debut leading to the stairway to heaven. Sammy pickened it well as the middle-aged men picnicked… at the boardwalk, … by the sea.  $17 gives you unlimited rides.  Are you going away with no word of farewell?  So long, it's been good knowing ya, scooped up by the dustbowl.   Where's the sunshine?   At least Jack T knew how to stay around.

In a twist, Bacon put nature on the rack and the smells drove the sales, but did it have meaning?   Daphna got caught up in this as she thought that love was just a word, but at least she will never leave us, at least not until blue eyes signs on.   Dance to j'music, dance. Forget your troubles and dance to the ghost riders in the sky.  Then hit the snooze and calculate this relationship.  However, no matter how you compute it, love is what you've got.

Remember when it rained?  It didn't put out that burning ring of fire.   Remember when Brenda used to play?   I do, and she is back!   It seems she never got over our Mr. blue eyes, but I think he has been chatting with Daphna.    How can there be an open mic without Brenda?    David, at least, is persistent – he will keep it up until we are all kilt, but it seems that exploring the kilt gave us the clap.   Either that or a woody.

Well, it's been a beautiful place on a Snakeville street on a beautiful day of spring.   Niles, a place where people get along (except, of course, for the merchant and Main Street associations).


Standard disclaimer: These summaries are made the night of the performances and presented immediately after the last performer.   They incorporate titles and memorable lines or themes from the various performers. Every performer is generally represented with the performances threaded together in a semblance of a theme. The references are full of inside jokes best known to those present that night but they do give an impression of the open flowing feel of these magical moments.

Posted – 04/04/07 10:45pm by Lynn Slater, updated or replied 04/15/07 2:53pm

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