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#21: Brain so loaded it nearly exploded

Bruce sang of a long blond haired Harley riding legend who worked in a dinner in a small town, and Dennis sang of a fascinating harmonica switching riverside singer.  Hmm…, I wonder if we might ever find such treasures?    Folks, this is what folks sing about.  We're always going, but I don’t know where. Do you have the patience to see it through, into the time between slumber and dawn?   Do we need a sharp bladed editor?    Maybe not, inertia keeps us going.   We are not here, we are always moving through with mad dog and Irishmen.   Checkmate.   Well, the French know how to disillusion the English, or so they dream in the summertime.

Time for the Wednesday night regatta. Let's set sail for the sunset with the escape artist.  Every day is a holiday as the band plays on and we won't be alone as we dance like the king of rocks and shoals. Is this self-abusing?   Self-delusional, perhaps?   Are we heading for the impossible split?   Or marching to a heartbeat only we can hear?   Lets steer away from this mountain of pain. Why have it rain?   Leisure time is a state of mind.

After playing in the Bushes without the protection of an ass gasket, David gave half of us the clap.   The rest got kilt.   No, nay, never, no more.  

Calling all cars, check it out tonight as it was a night of new songs from Kris, Mike, Woody, and (I think) Eddy.   That's entertainment!

Well, if you have followed this summary then your brain might have been so loaded that it nearly exploded, but such are open mics at the Essanay as the band plays on.

Standard disclaimer: These summaries are made the night of the performances and presented immediately after the last performer.   They incorporate titles and memorable lines or themes from the various performers. Every performer is generally represented with the performances threaded together in a semblance of a theme. The references are full of inside jokes best known to those present that night but they do give an impression of the open flowing feel of these magical moments.

Posted – 04/15/07 9:14am by Lynn Slater, updated or replied 04/15/07 2:54pm

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