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#22: Free-styling cruising with amazing grace

There was free-styling cruising with amazing grace and we knew we've got a friend. Perish that thought. How do we tell her how her face looks in this poet's web? Does she have a worry free warranty?  Who will he choose?  Gotta be Maud.  Now I can dream again. Bruce too, it seems. Time for a lullaby.

This town is going to change. The man on the levy is blowing trumpet all night. Bye-bye Butch, but Bronco-Billy's coming back. Still, she would rather be self-abusing.  It's only blood?  I think not.  No one knows what it's like to be the bad man. Let's try to love one another right now, in Mendocino, dancing in the dust.

Bruce started looking for the rain to wash away the dust from working on the café's café our back all day. Others washed away the dust by means of the newly restructured bar, the one with the Bruce barrier. However, Bruce's dog scratching rutabaga queen dream indicated that perhaps his dust was already well washed.  It enclosed three females and the winner was whoever finished in the middle.   Are times like these happy times?  Ahhh, there's the laughter (that's #71).   Dirk says "Don't go in the back" – nature minds.

Dirk then showed his fascination with this observable and with how he might interface with it. "That's one to hold onto", he said.   Three encapsulated females and three modes of knowing – who would have thunk?  Dirk then passed time by telling stories of Nantucket – a long fellow at that.  Will wanted to make a scene so the three wheeling wanna be cool kid shot his wad as the parents intervened to keep him from the smoking black hole.  Then in a dramatic about face, his parents made him sleep on it!   Now Berryessa's valley is no more – no wonder Brian went wild.

Thank you for these magical nights. We need night vision. Gotta have faith.   It has been upside down, inside out, round and round, but all in all once again it was a triple brand new song play (from Mike, Kris, and Woody) here at the dynamic Essanay. This town is a changing. Thank you Bruce, David, Mike and all the other change agents, Thank You.

Posted – 04/23/07 12:35am by Lynn Slater, updated or replied 04/23/07 12:36am

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