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Elf of the Week

Elf of the Week: Sam at Mr Mikey's

This weeks Elf of the Week is Sam at Mr Mikey's.   Besides obvious things like the use of their parking lot for blood drives and fair organizers, I am always hearing of small nice things they do (I wish I had written them all down.)

I think their elfness is best shown by this recommendation submitted by one of the most prolific Niles Elves. I'm presenting it verbatim as I can't think of anything I could do to improve on it:

I'd like to gang-nominate not only Sam at Mr. Mikey's Country Store, but his wife and kids. I love these folks! They are an absolutely wonderful asset to this community... an entire family of upbeat honest contributors with a strong positive work ethic that could serve as a role model to others of their age groups. That store is open seven days a week for over 12 hours a day and is almost exclusively staffed by family members.

When a holiday like today comes along and you're unexpectedly out of something, Mikey's will be open and you won't hear a single "poor little me" from whoever who is working that holiday shift, even though they would be well within their rights to feel that way. Instead, you get a cheerful holiday greeting! Honestly, I don't think I could do that, year in and year out.

My favorite story (that you can find the details of by checking the group's message archive) was when Mikey, the son, gave a very nice quality, free bicycle to the young boy in my town home complex whose mother had died suddenly and way way ahead of her time. His original bike had been stolen from the garage, shortly after his mother's death, due to their garage door opener being defective and leaving the door open, when no one was home.

Don't you like hearing about elves?   I sure do, so please
tell me about them!   Drop a note to with what they do.

Posted – 03/03/09 10:50pm by Lynn Slater

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