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2/11/09 Fremont School Board Prioritized Cuts
Currently, FUSD has provided a prioritized list of 14 items to our School Board for consideration at the 02/11/09 Board meeting. Below is a summary. You can get the official information to the School Board by downloading the 2/11/09 Board Packet from the district web site.
These proposed cuts will involve the layoff's of 234.7 FUSD employees and the majority of them will be teachers, library and counseling staff. There is a second list of cuts including the same items but with reduction vs. elimination in some cases. This second list of cuts will involve the layoff's of 200.9 FUSD employees.
Other previously mentioned items are still part of the plan but they are now listed below the initial consideration line.


Prioritized FUSD Budget Cut Items as of 2/11/09 Board Meeting

1) Reduce District Support and Staffing - $1,000,000
2) Eliminate Cal-OSHA Budget - $117,000
3) Eliminate Custodian Uniform Requirement - $30,000
4) Eliminate Athletic Coaches (jr. high and high school)  Stipends - $544,159
5) Extend Secondary Transportation Distance to 3 miles - $470,000
6) Eliminate Elementary Prep Period and Prep teachers - $7,119,034

7) Restructure Kindergarten 30 Students to 1 Teacher - $1,925,424
8) Increase Class Size in Grades 4, 5 and 6 to 32 students - $1.069,531
9) Temp. 2% Reduction of District Work Year (all employees) - $4,336,354
10) Increase Jr. High and High School Class Sizes (7-12) - $1,297,878
11) Eliminate 9th Grade Class Size Reduction (for English and Math) - $436,479

12) Eliminate All Counselors - $2,634,572
13) Eliminate All Library Media Tech’s from All School Sites - $1,613,880
14) Eliminate All Certificated Librarians from All High Schools - $448,000
Posted – 02/09/09 1:35pm by Hiu Ng

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