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Proposed FUSD Budget Cuts as of 1/28/09

Responding to the state budget cuts, FUSD is currently proposing 18 cuts in 3 categories. These are provided below with the estimated financial impacts, some basic facts and personal observations. The estimated financial numbers assume full elimination or implementation.

You can also get the official Board presentation by downloading the 1/28/09 Board Packet from the district web site: www.fremont.k12.ca.us.
District-wide Support Services and Staff Cuts:
1) Reduce District Support Staffing - $1,000,000
  * Elementary Vice Principals should not be in this category as they are generally considered "site" personnel.
  * Not certain why pay increases such as "step and column" are not suspended as pay cuts are being discussed.
  * Cuts in this area seem too cautious as compared to cuts to schools.
is aiming at $25 million dollars of cuts at this time so not all cuts are expected to be implemented. Also, the possibility of addtional federal funding is not yet taken into consideration.

2) 4% Pay Cut Across the District (all employees) - $8,672,708
3) 2% Reduction of District Work Year - $4,336,354
  * Compliance of 180 days of instruction.
  * Effective for one year.
  * Not affect retirement credit.
4) Extend Secondary Transportation Distance to 3 miles - $470,000
  * $300,000 from parents.
  * $1,700,000 from state.
  * $2,000,000 revenue loss - general fund expenditure.
5) Eliminate Cal-OSHA Budget - $117,000
  * $30,000 expense last year.
6) Eliminate Custodian Uniform Requirement - $30,000
  * Most likely will happen as this is offered by employee group.
7) Eliminate All Library Media Tech’s from All School Sites - $1,613,880
  * Strong opposition from community.
8) Eliminate All Certificated Librarians from All High Schools - $448,000
  * Each Fremont high school has 1 Certificated Librarian.
  * Strong opposition from community.

Elementary Education Reductions:
1) Eliminate Elementary Prep Period - $7,119,034
  * 225 minutes of prep per week in grades 1-6.
  * Prep teachers are currently teaching P.E. Science, Music, and/or Computer.
  * Schools may have different types of prep teachers.
  * Not clear how science and computer lab’s would be maintained if this option is used.
2) Restructure Kindergarten 30 Students to 1 Teacher - $1,925,424
  * KG teachers would teach AM or PM class with 30 students each.
  * Overlap and help each other for 100 minutes.
  * Not all schools will be able to implement 30:1.
  * In some schools, not all KG classrooms within the same school will be 30:1. Some will still be 20:1.
  * FUSD qualifies for 20:1 funding.
3) Eliminate Kindergarten Class Size Program - $366,563
  * 20:1 to 30:1 in both AM and PM classes. No other changes.
4) Eliminate Grades 1-3 Class Size Reduction Program - $1,088,518
  * Class size increases from 20 to 30 students in grade 1-3.
  * FUSD will forgo state funding for program.
5) Increase Class Size in Grades 4-6 - $1.069,531
  * Increase class size from 30 to 32 students.

Secondary Education Reductions:
1) Eliminate Secondary 97-12) Prep Period - $6,798,429
  * All secondary teachers will teach 6 periods a day without a prep period.
  * Would greatly impact elective classes.
  * School Board members didn’t show much interest in this option during last meeting.
2) Eliminate Counselors - $2,634,572
  * All counselors from all jr. high and high schools will be eliminated.
  * 2 Board members not interested in this option from last meeting.
  * Strong opposition to this option from community.
3) Increase Secondary Class Sizes (7-12) - $1,297,878
  * Increase students to teacher ratio to 28:1.
  * Size of some classes will be beyond 35:1.
  * Class size has already been increased from 26:1 this school year.
4) Eliminate Athletic Stipends - $544,159
  * Coach’s stipends for all sports will be eliminated.
  * Parental contribution or no stipend will be paid.
  * Not certain how many coaches are impacted.
5) Eliminate 9th Grade Class Size Reduction - $436,479
  * Increase from 20:1 to 27:1 (or perhaps 28:1) in 9th grade English and Math.

Posted – 02/07/09 1:43am by Hiu Ng

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