Community Unity
A secular public forum

Niles Elementary School

Click here for the official school site.

This community site is for those who are involved with the school to share information. The site from the school will convey what the school wants you to know, this site will carry what participants in the school think should be known.

Whomever is interested can add pages for each classroom.  The official school site has such pages, but there is almost nothing in them. With this community site, the parents and teachers can edit directly and the classroom pages can have current content.

Each of the school commitees can also have their own sub-page where they can describe themselves, their activities, have discussions, calendars, etc.

School Supply Lists
2nd Grade Supply List

1) 1 - backback or book bag to carry things to/from school

2) 1 - eraser

3) 3 - sharpened #2 pencils (yellow, please)

4) 1 - pair Fiskar's children's scissors

5) 5 - glue sticks

6) 1 - medium sized bottle of white school glue

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5th Grade Supply List

Here is the supply list from Mrs. Schinkel's class last year:

1) 1 - 1 and 1/2 or 2" binder

2) 1 - package of dividers (label dividers: math, language arts, social
studies, science, and spelling)

3) Binder paper (for homework for the year)

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6th Grade Supply List

pencils (no mechanical)
sharpies - black fine and extra fine
glue stick
white glue
thin markers
colored pencils (16+)
pencil box,
folders (they provide a planner for $3... they're great... you have to

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