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Mission Blvd Widening 

Work began in July 2002, on the overall $42.1 million Measure B project to widen Mission.

Once construction is completed, Mission Boulevard will be widened from its current four narrow lanes. The north end of the improved section will include five lanes with a median - three lanes going south and two going north. At Niles Canyon Road and across the new widened Alameda Creek Bridge to south of the intersection with Mowry Avenue, Mission will be widened to a full six lanes, three in each direction.

As part of the project, three railroad overpasses in all have been demolished and are being rebuilt, and the bridge over Alameda Creek is being widened.

The addition of new southbound lanes throughout the project is almost complete. However, lanes cannot be opened to regular traffic until the south railroad bridge over Mission is finished.

The project is being paid for with $38.3 million in proceeds from the Measure B half-cent sales tax, $2.1 million from the state, and $1.7 million from the City of Fremont.  The work is scheduled to be completed in August 2005.

Narrow lanes and reduced speeds are expected at times for the duration of the project, so drivers are advised to please plan accordingly and drive safely.

Before the project began, Caltrans estimated that 40,000 vehicles a day use that section of Mission Boulevard.


Niles Entrance Signs See all 6 replies
I think the new metal "NILES" signs at the entrance to Niles and at
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Posted – 12/03/05 11:43am by Lynn R Slater, updated or replied 12/03/05 11:48am
Taking your life in your hands
Frankly, taking a right on the red on Mission from Niles is taking your life in your hands. For me, with strong survival instincts, I'll be using Sullivan underpass or Nursery - better visual of oncoming and speeding traffic.
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Posted – 09/30/05 10:13pm by Lynn Slater
Mission Light See reply
I received a call back from the Fremont traffic light dept forwarding me to Caltrans. Their "Mission information/ complaint" number is 510-251-2888 X2205. Maybe if enough of us call and bug them about a right turn arrow off Niles Blvd. to coincide with the north-bound left turn on Mission, it won't be necessary to gather signatures (which I am more then willing to do). And, do give them a call if you have the time.  I'll let everyone know what response I get.
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Posted – 09/30/05 10:12pm by Lynn Slater, updated or replied 09/30/05 10:12pm
Right turn on red again? See all 5 replies
So, I don't see any signs forbidding it, and I don't see a right turn arrow light, but can we, once again, make a right turn onto Mission from Niles Blvd.? I'm kinda afraid to try.
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Posted – 09/30/05 10:06pm by Lynn Slater, updated or replied 09/30/05 10:10pm
Bad patch work job with Mission
Same thorn in my side....and to top it off, I can't believe that (at least
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Posted – 09/30/05 10:09pm by Lynn Slater

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