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Union City Intermodal Station 

Measure B includes a $32.8-million Union City Intermodal Station, which will connect bus lines, BART, Amtrak and possibly the Altamont Commuter Express and a Dumbarton Corridor rail link to Caltrain in San Mateo County. Redevelopment funds extends this to envision a new compact, pedestrian and transit oriented development of housing, office, and retail on land adjacent to the BART Station.  New transit connections will be created to the south bay, peninsula, and central valley.  The Station District will provide at least 500 housing units and one million square feet of office.

While this is not in Niles, it can greatly affect us. For example, it may change traffic patterns or change the desirability of living in Niles.


Update on Dumbarton Rail Policy Committee Meeting, Nov 15
At the Dumbarton Rail Policy Committed meeting of Tuesday Nov 15, Fremont was able to have "Alternative A" added to the Dumbarton Rail Staff recommendation, which was to only study "Alternative B" for future environmental  analysis.  However, Alternative A is not feasible unless Union City makes major revisions to the plans for the Union City Intermodal Station (BART/Passenger Rail/Bus).
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Posted – 12/03/05 11:37am by Lynn R Slater
For Niles, Alternative A is by far the best option.
At the 2 PM, Tuesday, Nov 15, 2005 Dumbarton Rail Policy Committee Meeting at Union City - City Hall, it is proposed to identify Alternative B as the recommended rail project Plan.
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Posted – 12/03/05 11:51am by Lynn R Slater

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