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There are to be 4 homes built and each will  house 6 people. They are currently building only 3 of the 4 and what I believe to be a main facility for staff and medical care. It is supposed to be gated so that the individuals living in the homes can not get out and potentially hurt themselves or anyone else. These are individuals that cannot care for themselves and need 24 hour care in some cases. My main concern was that who determines weather or not someone is "mentally disabled" and can this at some point become a "half way house" for someone claiming to be mentally disabled/insane and trying not to be convicted of a crime...but of course I was told no that could not happen nor was I given a strait answer as to whom determines someone's mental capacity (a doctor or a judge) they all just got this blank look on their faces. I was told I would get a copy of the paper work and guide lines that indicate no one with a criminal history can reside in "Niles Grove" but I have yet to see anything in writing  even though I have requested it directly from John Clay.

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Niles Grove runs business unfairly
This story is based on my personal experience with Niles Grove. I live about a block up from the homes and due to the current ecconomy and my husband's lay off i decided to apply for a job with the homes.  At that point i talked with Kim (one of the home supervisors) in person and was assured that there is a possition open and i will be hired as soon as i compleeted a Life Scan, Physical, Employment Application, and an Adult First Aid and CPR class. However if i wanted this job i had to paly for all of the fees involved with the class sertifications, life scan, etc. I had never heard this before. I specificaly asked Kim to gerantee me the job prior to my investement into this ordeal. Kim assured me that there is a position available and waiting for me due to a recent move of a client and a few other resons. I compleeted Everything they asked me within a week. Thereafter I was never contacted by Kim again and when i finally went to the home for the fifth time i was told that i did not have enough experience for the possition. At this point i had invested over $200 in fees and about three days of my time. I have tried to get in contact with Kim but i am not having any luck. This just seems unfair. They should have interviewed me or reviewed my application before asking me to get certified and finger printed, etc.

Impact of new residents
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Regarding mentally disabled. I have double major in criminal justice and psych, minor in soc. I've worked with mentally disabled in my early years, moved on to work with criminals. I'd much rather have a mentally disabled housing unit in Niles rather than another Church. WE HAVE MORE CHURCHES THAN BARS, we always have! We have SO MANY Churches of all denominations, yet only a few functioning bars and Joe's Corner was turned down. I'd take a bar over another church any day.
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