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The Niles Holiday Home Tour is a driving/walking tour of Niles homes, decorated for the holidays in the styles of their owners. The tour includes several homes, music, and special refreshments at Niles' historic Belvoir Hotel
  • The tour will be held on Saturday December 10 - Noon - 4PM
  • Fueled by human beans, we need your help to make this event a success
  • This event promotes the preservation of Niles rich history and demonstrates appreciation for our varied architectural assets. With the Niles Holiday Home Tour, we celebrate our community's long tradition of civic commitment, neighborhood charm, diversity, and friendliness.
    • This event also promotes the extensive contributions of the Niles Essanay Film Museum, and provides a fundraising opportunity for the museum shop.
    • All proceeds go toward Niles Main Street Association funded projects in Niles.
    • Volunteers and Homeowners are invited to a pre-event dinner and a private after-party at Niles' historic Belvoir Hotel

To get involved, please attend our next meeting Saturday October 22 at 9AM, at the Nile Cafe (121 I Street)

You can participate in this wonderful (and one of a kind) event by giving in one of several ways:
  • Volunteer your time - help with one of the event activities (baking, h'orderves, ticket sales, decorating, publicity, set-up, sponsor or volunteer recruitment)
  • Volunteer your home - decorate in the style you like best and open your home for the tour (we try to make it easy, fun, and without a doubt you will get tons of appreciation for your efforts)
  • Become a sponsor - give a cash or needed in-kind donations to help underwrite the cost of the event ( Both key event sponsors and home sponsors are needed)
  • Buy/Sell tickets - give tickets to your friends, family, and employees as gifts for the holidays, or sell tickets at work, at club meetings, the gym or anyplace else you frequent.

Contact info@niles.org for more info and please join us on the 22nd. Email nbouton@sbcglobal.net if you have questions.

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Committee & Volunteers

Carolyn Berke     c.berke@comcast.net
Nancy Haylock    nancily@comcast.net
Dirk Visser          dirkvisser@sbcglobal.net
Carol Wise         carolwise@comcast.net
Jim Light             jim.light@comcast.net
Keith Elrod         kelrod2387@aol.com
Judy Zlatnik        jzlatnik@yahoo.com
Pam Bevans      pamelabevans@comcast.net
Ron Warnecke   ron_warnecke@comcast.net

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