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This site serves to coordinate the activities of groups dedicated to the advancement of the Fremont California subcommunity of Niles.

This site is not really intended to be the external promotion or advertisement place, it is more intended to be a place for the community to talk within itself, a place where the groups can coordinate themselves and coordinate across groups.

Toward this, the site is is a wiki edited directly by the participants. Site officers can edit the main news and external site structure and can grant edit rights to event/community owners such as the Niles Dog Show. The event or community owner then decides what is to be said in their section and who has edit privileges. Pages may be open to the public, open to any site member, or open only to event/community members. You can change this site. Try it!

Within a community the contents of the web pages and the navigation hierarchy is up to the community owner. Templates may be used to quick start the effort, but these are only starting points and those with edit rights to the community may delete or add features as many times and in any order they desire.

This site has no official endorsement or standing. The quality of information in it is solely dependent upon those who edit the information and on the section owners. Section owners will be named, and sections without a named owner should be considered to be merely examples of the content that such a section might contain.

Q: How does this differ from

The big differences are the site's focus, how they are changed, and their scope.

The focus of seems to be announcing things to the public. The focus of Niles Community is to assist the communities as they do these things, to be a place where members of the community communicate and collaborate.

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Q: How does this differ from the Niles Yahoo group?

The Yahoo Niles group is timely but disorganized. It is hard to find anything not from the past few days. All groups on Yahoo are forced to fit into the same general structure. This HotDoodle(tm) site instead lets members establish its structure and content.

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Q: How do I take control of a section?

Section ownership is likely to be granted to the those who ask provided that they have some regular presence in that community

Q: How do I get a new community?

Just ask in the discussion board below. Anything reasonably connected to Niles is likely to be accepted and you will be the section owner. Note that all groups are welcome regardless of if they are governmental, commercial, or private.

Q: What about email?

We allow email subscriptions to the site, to pages, or to particular discussions. Subscribing to the site will be equivilent to being on the current e-group in that you will see changes in the order they are made and will not have to check pages to see what may have changed. However, unlike the e-group, the content will be organized so that it is meaningful later.


Viewing this site
The site layout is designed to work on screens with their displays set to 1024x768 pixels or better. This size is available on almost any desktop or laptop made in the last 15 years. Most of the fonts are ones affected by the View/Text size menu on most browsers, so you can resize things as you wish.

About this site

Why are we offering this?
This is a new technology we are offering and we want to get some initial groups using it. We expect that as this technology gets used we will collect feedback and use it to improve our offering.

So why Niles?
This technology is being offered by Metabyte -- a company based in Fremont and owned by Fremont residents. (You have probably seen our sign if you drive up Walnut.) The lead architect is a Niles resident whose wife's family has lived in Niles since 1910. Our technology is targeted toward real communities, and the one we live in is a natural first choice.

What is this technology?
This site uses an innovative web technology that allows web sites to be edited by its viewing community. It is similar to Wikis but has more widgets (such as calendars, image galleries, discussion boards, and structured navigation) and so it is more simple and powerful.

What do I have to do in order to use it?
Anybody may browse these pages just like other web pages. (Some parts of the sites are visible only to those who have logged in.) Those who register get the right to change the content on the site. Some parts are editable by anybody, some can be edited only by their groups. Each section will have a group leader from the community who decides who is a member of their group. We are offering invitations for group leadership to those we observe as being active in that community. If you would like to own a community or would like another community, please contact us:

To learn how to use this, visit

What can this site do?

  • Text block -- Holds text including pictures. Equivalent to a Wiki
  • Image Managers and Galleries -- allows images to be uploaded. Image managers mainly support images that will be used in text blocks, image galleries mainly support images that will be presented to the public.
  • Article Managers -- holds a series of text blocks and links presenting just a summary and allowing full details to be browsed.
  • Resource Managers -- allows files to be uploaded and downloaded
  • Calendars -- presents events in a timeline
  • Bulletin Boards -- allows discussions.
  • Blogs -- allows a serial recording of thoughts or progress.
  • Group Management -- members and team owners decide the groups to which they belong and this information is made available as decided by the group owner.

You may add your own community information to this website.
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