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For the unitiated - 'House Concerts' are just that -- concerts in houses, living rooms, or back yards -- a very popular thing to do now for travelling musicians all over the U.S., and many are actual concert series that happen every month. It beats a smoky bar!

This Niles concert is to become a series as well, likely every couple months, featuring nationally touring musicians.

After the concert, there will be an informal jam with as many musicians and listeners as want to stick around. Sodas and Snacks provided, BYO otherwise. Open to the public, bring a friend - RSVP recommended to

Latest News
Cellobop, July 29, 2006
House concert in our yard, featuring the Portland-based cellist Gideon Freudmann. Gideon's music is fun to describe, but I'll just quote:   "It's as if Freudmann found They Might be Giants, Yo Yo Ma, and Pink Floyd hitchiking on the roadside and gave them all a lift to his place" (The Optimist) "Gideon Freudmann is a talented experimental cellist whose music has a sense of humor, a spirit of eclectic adventure, and mastery of classical and jazz forms" (Perfect Sound Forever)  For the full skinny on Gideon's music, go to Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the door.  All proceeds to the musician.  Reserve early, because we only have space for about 25!  Parking will be tight, so please walk or carpool if you can. Doors open at 6:30, music at 7. To RSVP, contact Carolyn at
Michael McNevin Performs

Be at their inaugural concert with Michael, and keep your seats warm for the next one too.

A House Concert? On Washburn Drive? That's Michael's old street! the irony! Matt and Beth's house has the exact same layout as Michael's childhood home just a block away. He's likely to see ghosts.

Saturday, November 5th
Fremont, CA (Niles District)
Michael McNevin House Concert at Matt and Beth's
7PM Showtime, doors open at 6 for mingling.
RSVP/Directions: (510) 797-4375
TIX: $10 advance, $12 at the door.
282 Washburn Drive


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