Community Unity
A secular public forum

Night Out

August 1, 6:30 -9:00 PM
Several Events..Free!! Bring the whole family

Fund raiser yard Saturday from 8-2pm 35888 Niles Blvd.  Please drop something off to be sold.

Multiple Events
Community Event outside Mr. Mikey's Country Store

The Station One Fire Truck will help out with this event. The fire truck is altered with seat-buckle bench seats on top for people of all ages enjoy a ride around Niles. If you prefer you can ride up front or in one of the two rear-facing outside seats behind the driver.

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Main Street Association

Parking lot next to Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum. Meet your neighbors and hear about community efforts to promote downtown and to make our neighborhoods safer.

Merchant's Association
Hotdogs & hamburgers BBQ at the green train car



General Discussion
Place for general questions
Lets be a community
For details on the National Night Out (  It's about community organizing together, meeting each other if your community has events going on, or participating by turning your porch light on.  In, a nut shell, to stand up against crime, and reunite communities, and to be educated about safety by organized events.
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