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Megan Croft
With my new digital SLR camera I tried a timer shot of myself and this was the result.

Megan Croft
Interest in Niles:
I was introduced to Niles in April of 2007 by a friend who took me to The Essanay Cafe for my birthday dinner. I was in love with Niles from that moment on. I shop in Niles, I eat in Niles, I sing in Niles and consider the town I sleep in as only a place I go to sleep.
Niles Activities you Enjoy:
I enjoy shopping in the unique shops and belonging to the Fremont Art Association, listening to the music at Open Mic Night at Essanay Cafe and practicing my guitar so I too can perform.
Other Background:
I have years of experience in corporate America in various positions from VP of Purchasing, Notary Public for the State of California, accounting, board member, graphic designer, inside and outside sales, managing the warehouse, converting, running a semi-truck corporation, marketing, contracts and customer service. On the artistic side I love photography, stained glass, woodworking, quilting and all things creative. Back into guitar after years of not being involved and enjoying it immensely. On the nights that The Essanay Cafe doesn't have Open Mic Night I've been having Home Concerts in my home which has been a lot of fun giving me an opportunity to get to know the people much better then I can at the Cafe. My website is


My Pictures
I enjoy sharing very much and in that spirit I share my kids, my two grandsons, and some of my artistic interests from quilting to stained glass to woodworking to photography.

Zachary Aiden my first born grandchild was in such a hurry to get here he came October 15, 2006 rather then December 30, 2006 his official due date. He had to stay in the hospital at Kaiser Hayward for almost 2 months before he could go home. Kaiser Hayward and it's staff saved the life of my grandson for which I will be eternally grateful. Thank you Kaiser for a job well done!


Evan Charles born on his due date unlike his cousin Zachary. Evan was born February 21, 2008 and is the first born for my son Eric and my daughter in law Katie. He appears to have inherited his grandma's red hair!


Zac and Grandma Boo sit next to daddy my son Eric holding his 3 day old son Evan Charles who I think I will call Charlie.


This is my daughter Julie with her husband Nelson and their son Zachary while he was still in intensive care at Kaiser Hayward.


Zac now has teeth, walks and talks so all is fine with our premie baby 16 months later.


First long gown in my lifetime! Worn for New Year's Eve at The Essanay Cafe 12-31-07.

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