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My comments regarding Niles
Interest in Niles:
I've lived in Fremont for 23 years and moved to Niles in 2006 after inheriting a house from a very dear friend who died from cancer. I've always loved the charm and character of Niles but didn't expect to live there. I wish it hadn't taken the death of my friend to make it happen, but I appreciate her kindness in leaving her home to me. The house is located in the "new" section of Niles above Mission Blvd and in front of the Fremont hills. I have a view of the hills starting at the front left corner of my home extending to the backyard. From my living room window I have a view of the hills and sometimes I can see cattle grazing on it. I don't have the nicest home in Fremont or the neighborhood, but I probably have the best view of the hills in the neighborhood. I feel like I live on the fringe of civilization with the country starting across the street from me. In addition to her love of Niles. I think my friend purchased this particular house because she liked the view.
Niles Activities you Enjoy:
I enjoy looking at the stores in Niles, unfortunately I like to shop and I like antiques. Niles has too many antique stores for my own good and I have to use self control when I go there. I also enjoy watching the silent movies that are shown at the theater in Niles and I like the train ride that goes from Niles to Sunol and back.
Other Background:
I've lived in the bay area most of my life and have resided in San Leandro, Hayward and Fremont. I like Fremont the best of the three cities and feel fortunate to live there and in Niles. I've done volunteer work in the past but have too many projects that I have to get done before I have time to volunteer again. I'd like to do volunteer work to benefit Fremont and Niles and hope to have time to do so in the future.


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